SchoolParrot Review Competition

Write a review about your school or your kids school at and win an Apple Ipad Pro 12,9 inch. Brand new!, remember you are always anonymous.
SchoolParrot Competition
SchoolParrot Competition

SchoolParrot launches a review competition in South Africa.
Are you a parent or a student at a school or former School you can leave a review and enter the competition. The jury will then decide who wrote the best and most honst review.


1. Search for your school by location or School name here:

2. Click on Write review on the schoolprofile. Write a review and be honest. Do not forget to confirm with your email after writing the review. Otherwise we cannot locate you if you win. Follow instructions on the screen.

3. A bonus is if you can make a link to at your blog or website :) Its not mandatory for the competition.

4. The SchoolParrot team will contact the winner 10 days after the last day of the competition by email.

You need to have a connection to the school you are reviewing. Either attended yourself or your kids have attended. Do not forget to tell your friends and family. You can review your old school and your present school.

SchoolParrot jury will read all reviews and the most well written review will be the winner. We will contact the email you added for the review.


Good luck! / Team SchoolParrot