How to write a good review

Wonder how to write a good review that people will read?
Wonder how to write a good review that people will read?
Wonder how to write a good review that people will read?

Here at SchoolParrot, we want to be a place where people can share their school experiences and discover reviews about schools. We also want to be a place where schools can receive constructive feedback. But being a review site does not come without responsibility - a responsibility to be a site where people can get hold of helpful reviews in a controlled environment. Therefore, we have asked ourselves: What ingredients that makes a valuable and useful contribution to our review site? The list below shows some thoughts and what we believe is the way to leave a good review.

The best kind of feedback is constructive

A helpful and honest review explains what aspects and factors were contributing to one's school experience, whether it was positive, negative, or just okay. Sharing what the school does well and what you think they can do better is a good idea, but don't forget to keep a friendly and nice tone.

Think about many aspects of the school.

Focusing on one aspect of a school, such as the school meals, is not very insightful, and as a reader you get a very limited insight. So think about the reader, try to give the reader a bigger and more comprehensive insight. You do this by describing your overall experience and several aspects of your school experience. And the more elaborate you are in your assessment, the easier it will be for the reader to understand your situation. Remember, your unique perspective in a sincere and open tone is what helps others.

Keep good tone

We know that all school experiences are not always good, and if you have had a bad school experience, still try to explain it in a good tone. It's not always easy but try! We think it will be best when you tell us about your school experience and what happened in sensed tone and let the reader draw their own conclusions. We also want reviews to be completely free of external URLs, links, names or other information that can be used to identify people. If you have something to say about a specific person, it is best to contact the school directly.

Check your review one last time.

It may sound like a no-brainer but be extra sure that you publish your opinion for the right school and you will maybe correct some errors on the way. It is also always a good idea to keep an eye on your review one last time before publishing it. Double check that your review is pleasant to read, coherent and free from any typos.

Now you have got some different ideas that we at SchoolParrot prefer. Think about these and your reviews will be super helpful!

Thanks from Team SchoolParrot