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There are better schools in Boksburg

Student · July 30, 2020
Student · July 30, 2020
The children in the school are just horrible people. There's more sluts and drugs than you could count. Most of teachers are great but the young teachers are the worst they pick favourites and they treat them like royalty. The sport is so bad and the principal doesn't care about anything in the school except rugby. The school is so expensive and it's really not worth the money. I recommend you go to another school that is actually worth the money and education. E.g Jansen is really not worth the time and money because the education is horrible.

This school sucks

Former Student · May 16, 2020
Former Student · May 16, 2020
This isn't the school I would recommend putting your children in, the school is full of sluts and kids who use drugs, the school might seem great but it really isn't. The children get bullied and the teachers don't care about it. The teachers can't explain something properly or in a really hard way that isn't easy to understand, and if you don't understand it you have to figure it out by yourself. I've had really bad marks in this school and I always tried my best.

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2 Rigg St Jansen Park, 1459, Boksburg

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