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Former Student
Oct 27, 2021

My Thoughts & Opinions

Uplands at first glance i saw as an amazing school that only the elites could attend. But once u go in you realize that the people are similar to those from whatever school you come from. Whether it be the popular ones, the kids with good marks, the jokesters, or the ones who struggle amd have personal issues it's all there. Tbh I am not from a rich family, but rather my family could just afford it. It was a huge change for me from the handwriting, the environment, the buildings,use of phones and the people. There are different kinds of people from your rich children to just being able afford students and those that are on scholarships. The school provides alot of opportunities from academics, sports and culture but also has a standard that they wish for their students to live up to. Granted favouristim and bias will happen whether you like or not. Just find your people and do what intests you and not folding under the pressures of the school, the teachers and even parents. The teachers are open so you can go to them for help. Compulsory sports is not for everyone, but you'll have to get used to it and in time find your thing. I'd recommend this school to anyone who can afford it, for its opportunities, meeting different people, and exploring the area are all things that will help you grow. Everything has its ups and downs so just enjoy what makes u happy and ignore the rest.
Former Student
Apr 14, 2021


I really enjoyed my time at Uplands. The teachers are amazing and they are always willing to help me. I arrived in grade 8 from another school and another country and was made to feel welcome in boarding
Former Student
Apr 12, 2021

Marketing Madness

Marketing at its best, this school is built to accommodate the white man. Simple as that. They're so focused on the most stupid things like student hair or how tight their pants are or how short their skirts are when there's a high number of students failing multiple subjects for the majority of the year until a last minute push in the last term. The only people who survive mentally are those who have been there since the early grades like grade 1 because they've been brainwashed all the way to believe that Uplands has their best interests at heart when really they care more about their image and marketing strategies so, really going to Uplands is a place to pour all cash into to stress your child out.
Feb 13, 2021

Are they what they say they are?

I have been in Uplands for 2 years now and i am not enjoying it; the teachers are awesome but it’s been toxic for me. I have made little good memories but the memories of me crying over that school are more. But if you are highly attractive really rich, really smart light skinned or white or an extrovert go ahead 😀
Oct 26, 2020

Uplands College review

I really love this school I have been here for 9 years now but there is some messed up shit internally and the teachers are AWSOME well, most of them
3 Indus Rd, 1240, White River

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