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UKZN - best education institution in Africa

Student · October 17, 2020
Student · October 17, 2020
Academically, the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) offer the best education. If you are a person who likes challenge, UKZN is for you. It's one of the best universities in the continent based on education quality, faculty quality, research output, ranked by more than 5 reliable sources/ranking organizations in the world.


Student · October 13, 2020
Student · October 13, 2020
Great school in deed

My experience

Student · August 31, 2020
Student · August 31, 2020
The worst unirvesity in the whole world. I would bever recommend one to go the.

UKZN'S hidden truth

Student · August 11, 2020
Student · August 11, 2020
It was an average experience. There is terrible management as students constantly strike. As well as lack of safety and security resulting in a lot of stolen laptops and phones. In addition to this there is poor hygiene as the cleansers only put toilet rolls in the bathrooms at 9 a.m. and they rarely fill the hand soap dispenser. The tuition is overpriced for the lack of resources provided to students.

Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine, UKZN.

Student · April 25, 2020
Student · April 25, 2020
Committing to a 'career choice' has never quite been practical for me. I've always had multiple interests and so you could imagine just how difficult it was for me to choose a degree that I would pursue after matric.Selecting a tertiary institution was just as important as what I would study because I understood that it would have a significant impact in my development. I am a medical student at the Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine at UKZN. NRMSM has played an important role in the struggle of Apartheid and has generated world renowned researchers and health practitioners. The quality of education is of an excellent calibre and the contribution made by this institution in the development of health science, globally, is consistent and impeccable. However, the culture of the institution is lacking and has been the root of many of the struggles faced by students. There are no cafeterias, limited entertainment centres and the entire school has access to one ATM. There is very little room for leisure and recreation, and this deserves to be prioritized. The quality of the infrastructure remains an issue and there are limited areas of relaxation. This is a concern considering that this is an institution for medical students, who are under immense pressure and have to get through high volumes of work, work for long hours and have to spend 6 years in an institution that does very little to cater for their well-being. Accommodation remains at an incredibly poor standard, with students having to occupy rooms with no windows and have to share in threes to pairs until they reach their 4th year of study. There have been countless occurrences of break-ins and the maintenance is poor.
I am grateful for the inclusion of student clubs and societies as this has had a large contribution to the well being of students. We deserve an inclusive, safe, and conducive environment. We shouldn't have to choose one benefit over the other.

UKZN - a place for learning and self development

Student · April 7, 2020
Student · April 7, 2020
As a teenager in high school, I was always passionate about science but I never seemed to reach my full potential. I made a promise to myself in matric, that I would work tirelessly to achieve good marks in order to earn a position as a science candidate at The University of KwaZulu-Natal. My hard work paid off in the end, and I gained so much more than I could ever imagine. My wonderful lecturers instilled a deep passion within me for science and learning, my universities media facilities provided me with the ability to supplement my learning and study in a peaceful environment. Furthermore, the various clubs and sporting amenities helped me grow personally, and develop meaningful relationships with my peers. Despite the political hardships faced by my university I was still able to achieve a Cum Laude pass that I am very proud of.

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