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University Of Johannesburg

Student · April 3, 2020
Student · April 3, 2020
For most us being in a University[first year]is overwhelming an feeling,I honestly never thought University would have been so nice.I mean getting everyday knowledge on your chosen career,finding new friends who come from all over South Africa and even abroad,learning new things everyday about different people and their cultures.My experiance as student at the University was amazing,i would therefore like to recommend other learners leaving highschool to apply at the Institution.Thank You.


Student · April 1, 2020
Student · April 1, 2020
UJ is amazing. it has a lot of things it has taught me. firstly it was really easy to settle in as a fresher, transition from high school to university is the most difficult thing but at UJ l never experienced such, the staff, the senior students and everyone make you feel at home. secondly UJ has really nice and fully furnished lecture halls well conditioned. it is a really nice institution to be at. thirdly l am a sport person, Uj makes it really easy for you to find yourself again in sport, from res teams to society team until you get to the school team, its really an amazing experience. UJ has really nice sport fields too. also, UJ has really nice accommodation units,since l was a firstly year l have been staying on campus, l would recommend staying on campus for everyone, it has security, nice and neat rooms, singles and sharing and very affordable. UJ lecturers are the best, they are so patient, they make sure you understand, they are eager to answer your question and help you out. in y first year l failed one my tests l then went to consult with my lecturer, he made an effort to make sure l pass that module with a distinction, it takes a good lecturer to treat a student like their own, at UJ you can feel free to discuss your problems with some lecturers even if its not related to his module. PSYCAD at UJ is the most helpful service, this deals with students psychological issues, you can feel free to talk about anything with the staff there. UJ has a very neat student centre where you find shops, restaurants, bookshops, gaming shops and gadgets shops at affordable prices. UJ has generally neat campus, always clean, it has security, cad and fingerprint are used anywhere at UJ to access any door which is cool.Academically UJ has been excelling to the extent of being in the top 5 in SOUTH AFRICA and in Africa too which shows the determination of students and lecturers to fly high their university flag.

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Auckland Park, 2006, Johannesburg
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