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Pretty Good!

Student · December 1, 2020
Student · December 1, 2020
Maybe I'm being biased but Settlers is quite nice for a public school. It's very focused on providing a quality education and high school experience, while also encouraging a balanced lifestyle for the students with many sports and cultural activities. The school is very diverse and has a vibrant atmosphere. Although there's room for improvement, I do recommend the school. Solid 7/10!

TSHS IS THE BEST nothing more

Student · November 1, 2020
Student · November 1, 2020
I'm not going lie, but this school takes the cake

The Settlers High School: Opportunities for all

Student · September 22, 2020
Student · September 22, 2020
The Settlers high is the greatest school you could go to and it has a great reputation for it's academics and cultural activities. I still attend the settlers and so far ,im loving it!The vibe you get from the settlers is really amazing and they really strive for the best for their learners (even though it may seem unnecessary by the way we always do things other schools don't do).of course there are a few flaws in the settlers but it's not really major compared to most schools.if you are looking for a good high school then I suggest you go to the settlers high school.
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Joy Schoor

Settlers the place to be

Student · April 9, 2020
Student · April 9, 2020
I just think this school is so amazing. From the beautiful views of Table Mountain to the buzzing of The Settlers learners, I am proud to be part of this school. This school is not only on point with Academics but involves three other pillars,namely, sport, Culture and Pastoral.This is not only the foundation of The Settlers High School but also the foundation of every learner and staff member.This provides a balanced education to the learners, preparing them for the future, for when they have to leave the Settlers nest. The spirit dwelling within The Settlers family is so phenomenal with unity that can never be lost. There may be ups and downs, but as a school we face them together, celebrating the victories and learning from our losses.I am proud to be part of this school


Former Student · March 4, 2020
Former Student · March 4, 2020
The code of conduct was extremely strict and ridiculous at times,favouritism always occured regarding the prefects and the school is supposedly a mathematics and science focused school but there were barely any good physics teachers

Kak Nice

Student · March 3, 2020
Student · March 3, 2020
Die skool is nou Poes lekker
Alles wat lekker is gebeur hier
If you want a proper balanced education come to the Settlers

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