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The Best School in PE...look no further

March 30, 2020
March 30, 2020
St Marks truly lives up to it's values of a community school. Teachers are exceptional, principal is always available and willing to listen to you, whether it's compliment or complain and is proactive at giving you results. The academic record speaks for itself, and they genuinely put their learners first. With the current lockdown, parents are communicated with for worksheets NOT to teach but to help learners from getting bored. My kids have been there since grade R and will one day Matriculate their too. The absolute best school in PE. Because they are a small school learners and parents are known by name, it's nice to call the bursar and she knows exactly whom she I speaking with. Since lock down and even prior to that, health and hygiene was always a priority at St Marks, the facilities while not sports orientated do encourage the kids to give their level best. As the classes are small more individual attention is given to a learner and the staff varies in age so the mic is just right! I am a happy and proud parent of St Marks. The encouragement of communication between parents, learners and teachers, and helping parents to know when to "let go" is amazing.

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