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Its ok

Student · May 11, 2020
Student · May 11, 2020
Its aight...........................

Spine Road High is tops!

Student · April 28, 2020
Student · April 28, 2020
I am a grade 12 learner at Spine Road Highschool. Throughout my years at the school, i have experienced alot. My school has taught me that circumstances does not determine who you are or where you end up. Our school offers many opportunities for us to do something good whether academically or with our sporting codes because many of the learners are disadvantaged and come from areas where there aren't any opportunities. Our teachers put in alot of effort to make sure that we do well even though we take it for granted sometimes. We might talk bad about the school rules but deep down we know its for our own benefit because they only want whats best for us.Our uniform teaches us discipline because at other schools casual clothes are allowed making the learners looking untidy. Over the years Spine Road High has produced many successful students and has played a major role during the apartheid regime when the students of the school fought for our rights.Spine Road Highschool for me is and will always be tops✌

My school always improves every year

Student · April 2, 2020
Student · April 2, 2020
Im a grade12 learner at spine road high and through all my years attending spine road its a productive school and always makes the learners the main priority.They are in the process of turning that school around and making it one of the best schools in our area.

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43 Zenith Rocklands, 7798, Cape Town

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