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The pride in my learning times

Student · April 18, 2020
Student · April 18, 2020
Sinenjongo high school is a school which has travelled a long journey in an positive and negative way but technically they've made it past all that. Sinenjongo is a school that has the most certainly hard working learners who too work hard to bring not shame and disappointment but pride in all ways✨♥️📖##enter to learn leave to serve 🌈🦋💯🇿🇦

Sinenjongo High School

Student · March 27, 2020
Student · March 27, 2020
Hi, I am a student in Sinenjongo High School and I am totally satisfied with the school ,The Teachers and there is quite a high rate of pass and is doing very well academics but only if they could increase security it would be nice but all in all it is a great school I would recommend it to anyone

To my school sinenjongo

Former Student · March 20, 2020
Former Student · March 20, 2020
Sinenjongo high is a very good and excellent school for every children in our community because the teacher's are very nice ols there teaching is great evening in my school is great ❤️I love my school

Sinenjongo high school

Student · February 27, 2020
Student · February 27, 2020
My school is a very good school ,the teachers are focused to work and are very punctual. The are only a few learners who disobey the rules of the rules like any of the other schools but most are dedicated to work and they are also very focused on school work. Like any of the other schools my school has very strict rules which are helpful to us as learners because they teaching us that by rules everything goes in order.

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