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One of the best decisions my mother made for me.

Student · January 10, 2021
Student · January 10, 2021
Honestly, after a very secluded small primary school experience, I proudly state that Riverside high school is the most authentic, energetic and refreshing place. It has been like a second home and I'm grateful everyday for the opportunity to be a Riversidian. We have the most supportive and encouraging educators ,who are always ready to help. A fiery student body that only makes you want to push yourself to the limit. My favorite part is the sportsmanship around the school. Athletic season is always a blast and I'm completely inlove with my blue uniform. Now in my very last year of high school (MATRIC), I'm sad to be bidding farewell, but I'm thankful to have been a part of the beautiful and diverse community- a family actually - That is Riverside high.

The wonders of River side high

Student · December 6, 2020
Student · December 6, 2020
It has great teachers and learners... it teaches you how to become friendly and polite to others. It's that kind of a school that hates bullying. it has equal rights, it makes everyone feel welcomed. Yes as we all know it has its own ups and downs. But it's a good school to be at, it has good academics, it pushes you to the Limit. So don't judge a book by its cover.

Once you get touched by RHS you can never go back

Student · November 21, 2020
Student · November 21, 2020
Like every school there will be indisciplined learners. But the school management has rules put to place to minimize the bad behavior. Riverside high has improved tremendously in the past 5 years. Every year there is an improvement in how the school is run and the behavior of the learners.

The teachers there are friendly and very hard working.
Extra classes are put to place to help each and every student.

There is maintained infrastructure and if anyone is unhappy about something in the school premises they are able to voice it out.

The sports gets better every year, and the public speaking never disappoints. The school encourages creativity.

It's an excellent place to send children and a wonderful place to work at.

My experience at Riverside

Student · September 19, 2020
Student · September 19, 2020
A lot of smokers and lack of discipline a few good teachers available
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