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Former Student · April 25, 2020
Former Student · April 25, 2020
Ribane-Laka high school is my former school I attended from grade 8 until my matric it has good teachers and students who are very well organized and they have passion for learning and also the pass rate of the school has high pass rate of 100 % from the previous years even now the teachers are very dedicated and committed to their work. Even the parents of the learners are also committed and supportive to their children


Student · April 7, 2020
Student · April 7, 2020
I am Ntokozo Mabena from Ribane Laka Secondary School, and I'm currently doing grade 12. I've been studying at Ribane Laka Secondary School since 2016, that was when I started with my grade 8, ever since I've been at the school I've learnt that we are a family and we have a culture. Ribane Laka Secondary School may be one of the oldest schools in Mamelodi but it is among the best schools in Gauteng. Earlier this year the President recognised the school and one of the things he mentioned is that as The Ribane Laka Family we should share our culture to other schools, over the years the schools tried our culture and they improved impressively. The teachers encourage us to be better people at school and outside the school premises. Ribane Laka Secondary School caters for over 200 learners in matric and they are able to get excellent grades compared to schools with 60-70 learners in matric. The teachers are the most loving people ever, even though at times they tend to act tough. We are very deciplined and everyone respects the other whether young or old. Our motto means that -"Through difficult times we shall reach the stars"- and indeed we do live up to our motto. Ribane Laka is the place where you learn and also be part of family, my experience with Ribane Laka Secondary School is great and very fruitful, the teachers make sure that you understand the context and the topic before moving to another one and for that I am forever grateful. #RHS4U

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Student · March 22, 2020
Student · March 22, 2020
I'm Murendeni molema a learner in grade 12B at ribane laka I've enjoyed being at ribs it is well known school based in mamelodi under tshwane south distinct we are known for the best results in whole of mamelodi we have been taking position 1 in matric results over 10 years now with learners more than 200 in mamelodi we are also disciplined our school has been recognized by president of South Africa for good hard work we are doing as learners and teachers we are knows as a team tha work very hard in terms of learning we spend most of our time at school Monday to Saturday sometimes even on Sunday although our school is not beautiful we try so hard to make it look beautiful with our results. As a learner ribane laka tought me to know what i want in life and to focus more in my school work to obtain good marks that would lead me to university and become what i want to be. it has always been a good journey from grade 8 until 12 with this school. As school motto says "per aspera ad astra" we shall reach the sky with our good marks.this school also teaches us that "NEVER DO TOMORROW what you can DO TODAY procrastination is the THIEF OF TIME"not forgetting The 10 most important two letter words"if it is to be it up to me"

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