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Amazing school for kids in the Randburg area

Student · January 7, 2021
Student · January 7, 2021
This school is absolutely amazing, so many fun activities and great education system
Nadia Louw

Excellent school

Parent · October 7, 2020
Parent · October 7, 2020
An excellent school, with caring and committed teachers. My children are very happy at the school, so I definitely recommend it. The fees are also very reasonable!

Randpark Primary - an all round experience

Parent · March 14, 2020
Parent · March 14, 2020
When my husband and I discussed education for our daughter who was 2 years old at the time, I was leaning towards private education.

We started researching schools in our area and also listened to the experiences of other parents. Every year, we saw articles of kids from Randpark Primary excelling in sports and academics, at the same level as other schools. We had decided to enrol our daughter at Randpark Primary.

The enrollment process is tough as Randpark Primary is a highly sought after school. Once we were accepted, I was impressed with how organised they are. Prior to starting grade 1, all stationary moneys are collected, they have an orientation day where kids are allocated their teachers for grade 1 and kids are introduced to their class, teachers and teaching assistants. Yes, foundation phase has teaching assistants due to large size of class, to ensure that teaching gets done.

On day 1 of grade 1, the kids tables are set up with their names together with all their books and stationary. They even have their pictures hung up that they drew during orientation the previous year, which makes the class feel welcoming and sets them at ease.

The school is well maintained, with luscious grass, play gyms, seating area and a lovely swimming pool and sports facilities. There are many extra-mural activities to take part in, including the arts (art club, drama and choir). They also have waiting class and support lessons, if required.

We once visited a stunning private school for a robotic competition and I asked my daughter if she would want to transfer to this school that has a restaurant as a tuckshop.

She refused because she loves Randpark Primary. She even said that we can never move to another suburb because she does not want to go to another school. This proves that my daughter lacks nothing and is getting an excellent education and all round grooming - this is shown in her achieving top student and top mini tennis player for her grade.

A note on the principal - he runs a tight ship, instills discipline in his learners and is passionate in what he does. He is proactive in his approach and mitigates any concerns before it becomes an issue (examples are assessing the school's structural integrity, increasing visibility of security and reducing the load of books carried on kid's backs by having extra text books that can be kept at home for senior phase).

The teachers are all dedicated and my daughter has loved and enjoyed all of her teachers and teaching assistants in foundation phase. She also enjoys the school media centre and library as she is an avid reader.

The school is inclusive and the principal assured me that should I have any queries, I could direct it to him regarding the religious policy of the school, which is based on the School Act in line with the Department of Education.

This is a great school in our area and next year, we hope to send my son to this stellar school.

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10 Boekenhout Ave Randpark Ridge, 2169, Randburg