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Dec 31, 2023

It's not as good as we thought

Wish i read this website before going to this school. They let nearly any student in and isn't as prestigious as it was advertised as before. The school is even currently struggling with only 17/178 learners passing with the only hope of it being good was that there's a little over 300 learners in this grade.

Not only that, they keep record of every bad thing and can go as far as defamation of character, which happened to me by a teacher who now left to go to China. On the record there are multiple lies about what happened during that incident and did not consult with anyone about what happened during that incident.

Not only that, they also do not know how to deal with bullying and it was preferred that they force the kids to talk it through although it did not help.

The school counselor is also meant to set the kids up for failure and tell the parents what the kids don't want her to say, such as coming out for them to extremely conservative families or misunderstanding what is said.

Overall it is not really as good as it seems as it used to be with some of the most amazing teachers leaving for better opportunities with the school also making the teachers work overtime by making them give extra lessons which do benefit the children but do not benefit the teachers with the students also continuing to give unwanted attitude towards the teachers which can disturb the learning.

To write every single problem with this school would take very long but there are some genuinely good teachers that are nice to everyone and not just certain students that they like or certain top ranked students that have high marks or in a high position.

There are also teachers that do tend to not only act like children but try to get into the children's lives involuntary. It is not everyone who has this opinion but it is implied that some teachers tend to extend popularity by making more children date to make them more popular and favourable by teachers.

The school's money is also not by opinion not being put to proper use as money that could go to security is being put in the hands of students as there's no sort of security and the kids are told to ask any stranger who walks in for a name and escort strangers out themselves.

The classes are also meant to be looked after by the students with no help from any cleaning staff with teachers who have students that choose not to help clean up classes or teachers with no students with dirty classes throughout the year.

But if you genuinely have good kids and don't want them to be surrounded with children who barely have any manners, are very likely to vape or continuously seeking attention and want a good education i would suggest home schooling or a different school that is actually of a good prestige but until the school is definitely in a better condition that it is in now morally it is not that much of a good school as advertised.
Former Student
Sep 14, 2023

Stop writing hate about a great school

Mar 10, 2023

Very good school for a focused student

Lovely school. Teachers are very kind and nice. The school field does not look good though. I would recommend it though.
Mar 13, 2022

PHA is such a lie

The school cares more about the length of my hair then my education
Mar 3, 2022

You get what you give!!

I was a parent of PHA for 6 years and both my kids attended. I could not be happier with the way the school prepares kids for the real world! What you put in is what you get out. The real world is not going to coddle you and treat you like an entitled baby, because that just isn't how it works.
Tantrums and toy-tossing are not the way to get things done. Hard work and conversation go a long way - of course, this does not mean that you will get what you want. My kids are now well-balanced young adults who are comfortable with themselves and have an open mind to how life works. They understand hard work and commitment.
This is a Maths, Science and Technology school. Be sure that this is where your kid must be because you're putting them in a box. This school doesn't have all the subject choices that are available at other schools and if your kid isn't good with maths or love the subject, don't force them to take a bunch of subjects they can't cope with.
And their rules... they are STRICT. And I LOVE it. If you allow one rule to be broken, like a button missing from a blazer, and then you let another rule slide, and another, eventually you're sitting with the type of high school that you DIDN'T want your child to attend in the first place. The reason you're choosing this school is because of its rules, regulations, and structure.
Then we get to their support system. These people really love the kids who attend PHA. They support in every way possible for the needs of the kids, emotional, physical, mental, everything! Your kids are safe here.
And if you're not happy - take your kid and go!
Some of the comments on this site are ridiculous! Some sour lemons who probably caused their own issues and now want someone, anyone, to pay!
Former Student
Feb 26, 2022

Appearance vs Reality

"...nothing changed in terms of the leadership at the school." No words could have been more incorrect.

The current principal might value the same ethos, and indeed tries her best to live up to the legacy left behind by the previous principal. However, the things that have changed at PHA are evidence of the change in leadership. Racism, bullying and general acts of misconduct has significantly increased after the previous principal left. One could argue that this is due to the increase in students, but the lack of proper management of these situations is the reason. The current principal is obsessed with appearances; making PHA seem accepting and diverse, when it's not (anymore). Instead of addressing a situation, she tries to control it and sweeps it under the rug. The punishment for misconduct is inversely proportional to the actual misconduct. Saturday detentions were once the worst of punishments. Now it's given for something like incorrect hair. Basically, I'm trying to say that she doesn't know how to handle students. She refuses to acknowledge others' points of views, and this has caused conflict with students and teachers alike. The large amount of teachers who left last year should be proof of her poor relationship with staff. The previous principal had an aura that demanded respect, rightfully. The current principal has one demanding fear.

I didn't mean for this to be an attack on the current principal, and I hope it won't be seen that way. I truly wish for PHA to become the school it once was.
Jan 27, 2022

Grade school

Pleased parent of a PHA learner

I've been reading these reviews and cannot comment on those since as a parent I can only speak about my childs experience. PHA really introduced us as parents to think about the life beyond schooling, the actual world where you need to stand on your own two feet and become not only independent but an independent thinker, individual and responsible adult. The new principal we met as the deputy previously and nothing changed in terms of the leadership at the school. The current principal embraces the same ethos, values and thinking as the previous principal. Yes you must put in the extra work to excel since the primary school years are a thing of the past and learners are young adults and need to act like responsible young adults. If I had any issues either with my childs academic progress or personal I could easily approach the principal who has an open door policy and sits with the parent to suggest a way forward in order to deal with any matter. The on-site school Social Worker deals with so many issues of learners which is always not brought about by the environment in the school but from home and this person dealt with it in a professional manner keeping the parents informed of the session detailed feedback I would add. PHA prepares all learners for the next level or current level of reality the Fourth Industrial Revolution where everything you do will be maintained by either robots or yourself and what better way to assist learners by introducing new innovative ways to learn, explore and get equipped. As a parent I value the service received from PHA for the betterment of my child and educating my child. PHA allowed my child to think of the beyond, the world that lies out of the confines of the school and found direction for the future years and for this I am truly thankful.

If you had a bad experience as a learner, do approach your parents to meet with the principal in order for the principal to be aware of the problems and if nothing is done thereafter, then follow the necessary steps but ranting and raving and tarnishing the image of a school on public platforms will not improve your situation at school. Speak up and if no one listens follow the proper procedures to remedy the issues.
Former Student
Jan 26, 2022

A school that allows bullying, sexism

Protea Heights Academy:
A school where they only cater for the top in the school.
A school where a blind eye gets turned towards bullying.
A school where the TEACHERS bully, make sexist and racist remarks, get reported to the principal, and then suffer NO REPERCUSSIONS.

Numerous, numerous teachers allow bullying in the classrooms. They themselves, sometimes bully. Students around you talk and disrupt the class with obscene topics, and the teachers, instead of teaching, join in and disrupt the teaching process.

Unless you are a top 10 student, you will not get treated fairly and respectfully.
Do not recommend.
Jan 1, 2022

School in Cape Town

Its alarming that any person can bad mouth an institution on such a public platform without having any evidence or knowledge of situations or circumstances.
Nov 6, 2021

Racism and Homophobia

It's really not worth it💀 They aren't as LGBTQ+ friendly as they appear to be, I've been called slurs and names in class and pressured to come out to the class multiple times with the teachers present not stepping in?? And don't even get me started on the racism😐 I've even been mocked for my tics, a teacher trauma dumped on me and invalidated my issues while I was having a breakdown. Some of the teachers are really nice like** ***** or ** *****, they are super sweet <33 plus one of the teachers is literally openly racist and nothing is being done???


Homophobia and Racism is very present amongst both students and teachers
Nov 3, 2021

PHA, a decent school to send your children

As a student at PHA currently, and writing this "review" based on all of the others that I've read, all I can say is that in my experience, PHA is a good school. The teachers try hard, put in a lot of time afterschool into extra classes AND they record every lesson so that you can watch videos as well. As for rumors mentioned in some of the other reviews, I wont comment on that because I dont know about any of them except for one of the teachers saying things to class that got him into a lot of trouble. My experience with my principle has been amazing, she is a very sweet and kind person who has helped me to feel welcomed as a learner. Someone had also said that the teachers are too hard on us, or the work is much harder than it should be, but thats a lie. In my classes I have seen so many learners, sometimes even half or more of the whole class, just take their phones out and talk to eachother, completely disregarding the teacher and what they are trying to teacher.
One review that has made me especially upset, the one that talked about the white boy who got permission to have his hair long vs another student who isnt allowed(most likely because of race). First off, as that "white boy" I just want to say I am offended because my pronouns are she/her and I am a transgender student here at PHA. I would secondly just like to say that its disappointing to know that whoever wrote that review didnt bother to do a lot of research as I cant see many facts in the entirety of the review.
All in all, PHA is a good school to me, it has made me feel welcome as a student and the teacher work hard to help all of their learners. I personally think the problem lies more with lazy students than it does with the teachers
Nov 2, 2021

I love it here

Excellent teaching from dedicated teachers. Teachers offer extra lessons for free. The building is always clean and neat.
Oct 29, 2021

The school is suffering

They issue a disciplinary hearing for a male educator who stepped out of line with his words yet a female educator who has sexual intercourse with a student faces zero consequences and is still held in high regard at the school.
The so called equality and diversity at the school is a mere illusion. Equal punishment is needed.
In PHA if you are not more qualified/in a higher position as a staff member or if you are not a top ten learner as a student, this toxic social hierarchy will lead to an individual always feeling out of place, pressured, disrespected and disregarded.
I certainly do not recommend ANY person to work in this institution , nor any parent to send their child to this school, your child deserves much better. Rather not sacrifice their mental health and well being. Send them to a better school.
The school was thriving with *********** but after she left , it has led to a total downfall of a once amazing , welcoming environment for all.
Former Student
Sep 3, 2021

I Love PHA

This was an amazing school. I miss the environment and my teachers
May 14, 2021

I hate pha

PHA is one of the worst schools out there. The reason why I say that is because the say have respect for the teachers but the teachers don't have respect for the learners. That is why I don't like PHA.
May 13, 2021

PHA : Lets make your life absolute kak

As much as I want to rant about how s*** this school is , it can all be simplified into one word:


When buying the anvil that they call a bag , be sure to buy some anti-stress pills and some therapy appointments
Mar 2, 2021

PHA is kak

They give you way too much work and they don't care about your mental health
Jan 28, 2021

The truth

PHA is overhyped, it's not as good as it appears to be.
Jan 16, 2021


This school is so dom, like I couldn't even talk in class 😤
Dec 30, 2020

It had to be said.

Protea heights Academy is a school where** you're not a high achieved learner, they dont care about you. Protea heights academy only cares about their top 10 students,** even that.. maybe top 3. They dont care on helping you better your grades** you're not on that list. Dont be fooled though, they are very persuasive on telling the public that they do, do so. The teachers at PHA. i have no words for them... We're supposed to go to school to*** an education and be ready for the outside world, yet the only thing i have learnt from these teachers is lying and manipulation. We're taught from young to respect our elders which i do, but teachers at PHA expect you to respect them, but they can disrespect you as badly as they want and you have to sit and be quiet. I have made a lot of mistakes in my past at PHA, but i have grown from them over the years and im young, yet can do that with in a year. These teachers (some of them) have been teaching for NUMEROUS years and still are manipulative and quite frankly i doubt they will ever change. The teachers that have had the most outstanding success in the school with learners AND parents, they all left all because of the same reason.. "PHA's management and the way they operate" neither am i surprised that they left either. it can't be a coincidence. ******* was a very good principal. She knew how to handle the school really well with the learners problems and so forth. When ******* left the teachers were fighting over the position like kindergarteners fighting over candy. Now********* is given the opportunity to be the stand in principal. MULTIPLE learners have stated that "the school is going downhill".********* has a very horrible way of talking to learners when they have issues with things in the school, its quite aggressive.
There are multiple teachers at the school who are incredibly racist and sexist, yet PHA's management chooses to keep them because they cant afford to lose a staff member, again horrible management. i personally have experienced horrible encounters with teachers. I first thought what i heard from learners encounters with teachers were exaggerating the story, but i was very much proven wrong when i had a few of my own experiences with teachers. A teacher at PHA had said to my face and i quote "i will********** day you********" and yes there is more to the story, but can there really be any excuse for an adult/teacher saying that to a child/student ? i dont think so.
Another more serious incident had happened to me, but i will keep that confidential because its too personal for me to share. This teacher was proven guilty of lying though (with witnesses).
There is a teacher who was sleeping with a student, yet she was allowed to stay employed working at PHA. (the teacher denies it, but there are NUMEROUS witnesses that can confirm this) and might i add there are OTHER teachers who can confirm this, but they keeping it a secret for the teacher as they are all friends. i dont need to say this, but this is ILLEGAL.
A few students have *personally* told me that they feel PHA pressues sexuality on learners to be LGBTQ+. supporting is*** thing, but pressurizing LEARNERS/CHILDREN to be a certain sexuality? ALL this information can be confirmed by witnesses, yet no*** wants to speak up publicly?
This school is not even 10 years old...
I cant express this enough PHA is not a school.
You might be thinking "if you hate the school so much, just leave then". Good question. i should have left the day i came here.
Dec 11, 2020

Protea Heights Academy

Protea Heights Academy is a great school with excellent facilities and a great education system however it seems like a percentage of the staff are all fighting to become the next principal after our former principal. I would recommend that the school board hire's a principal that hasn't been teaching at the school we need a fresh mindset.Other than that our school is diverse and doesn't discriminate but I would not recommend this school for a learner that is sport orientated as our school focus's more on academics, our school also has higher academic standards than most other schools which is tough on learners but also good
Former Student
Nov 26, 2020

The PHA Family.

My experience at PHA has been incredible. The staff are willing to go the extra mile for their learners to prepare them for the next phase of life- tertiary education. They are an academic focused school, so I must admit the work is a bit more difficult than any other ordinary school. However, this does pay off.

I would recommend any prospective learner to join the PHA family where everyone has a place to fit your academic needs. They will equip you for tertiary education and most certainly to become the independent adult you want to be!
Former Student
Nov 24, 2020

Protea heights academy

Not worth it......
Trust me been there.
Oct 1, 2020


This school standards are to high and expect way to much from their learner's when the teacher's dont even give the same amount of effort and when it come to test or something the teacher always make the papers harder then the department requires it to be and all the school says is its because of it been and academic school which is a load of nonsense they treat the children as if they don't have a teenage life its ridiculous.
Dane Alberts
Mar 2, 2020


I really love this school as well as the teachers. Nobody gets left out and together we are stronger. Everybody finds their real friends there. Great facilities as well as a very modern building design.
43 Herta Cres Protea Hoogte, 7560, Cape Town

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