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I dont reccomend this school ...dont come

Student · November 21, 2020
Student · November 21, 2020
Firstly the teachers:My English teacher was very corrupt,liked to complain and gossip about me to other teachers and infront of other students and the Zulu teacher always has something bad to say about a learner and doesn't want me to have any opportunities at school and does everything in her power to do so and the other teachers were ok and some were funny and fun ...my maths teacher told some inappropriate jokes (yikes) but he was a good teacher. At this school we are not allowed to have braids with extensions for some reason and that is not a good thing in my oppinion . The school does not have diverse students . Its a predominantly black school and there are a few people with other races but they are in other classes cause they do aftikaans so they seperate the afrikaans learners and the IsiZulu. There are some bad things that happen at the school involving drug use and alcohol . The school handles bullying well and properly . The secretary is very rude which is annoying . The school has limited sports its only soccer ,cricket and swimming for boys and volleyball or swimming for girls so thats not good . My grade 6 English teacher used to sleep in class and most of my peers would fail English or pass very badly .The school worries about the length of the girls dresses than actual problems that need solutions . The school has the worst tours and overall its pretty boring. I dont like the school at all even with some little positives .They handled covid at school very well although some rules were broken . Some of the teachers still use corporal punishment which is wrong on so many levels ...like the Zulu teachers who have taught me and the EMS teacher has anger issues and slaps children,kicks desks its a toxic environment with him . I cant wait to leave the school and go to highschool

The best primary school ever

Former Student · June 28, 2020
Former Student · June 28, 2020
I really learned alot from the educators...everyone there made me feel like I belonged even though it was the odd one out...thank you to all the teachers

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