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Jan 10, 2023

Excellent school!

Absolutely love this school. Brilliantly run, excellent admin and academic standard is excellent. Highly recommended.
Dec 30, 2022

No more pinnacle college

To many bullyes i hate this
Jul 28, 2022

It’s great!!! No address favouritism

The school is better than most; my only issue is the prevalent special treatment that children of sponsors or children who’s parents are said to be friends of the headmaster receive . These students are rarely if ever punished and have a sense of entitlement and authority unlike other regular pupils .
Feb 10, 2022

Disappointed Parent

My child has been at Pinnacle since it was Kathstan College, 5 years later I find there is a fairly young demographic of teachers who I find, most have little to no patience with the kids and some are just plain rude. From terrible speaking mannerisms to unfair treatment to suggesting medication for my child so they can sit still in class. Its really disappointing, but don't get me wrong there are a few gems there - one of them was the reason why I decided on that school. Sad thing is I don't think there is room for change.
Oct 19, 2021

Rude staff to kids

High school is the pits.During orientation we got the impression the school was a warm place.Some teachers are rude and frankly it makes one feel like they are more concerned about the business part of it and not being the kids support system.I have never come across a school that overlooks students and cares more about protecting the rude teachers.The good ones seem to leave
Definitely leaving soon disappointed is an understatement
Former Student
Jun 29, 2021

Not for everyone

Spent 4 yrs with this school. When we registered with the school, back then known as 'Kathstan', we were not informed of the changes to come. Kathstan was a perfect fit for our family, unfortunately 'Pinnacle' was not. It became too rigid. 99% of the Kathstan staff have since left, and staff leaving speaks volumes. A 'family' feel school became a 'business' unfortunately.
Apr 18, 2021

No thanks

It is a good school .

The school is great but there is a lot of bullies bit the school is trying to help , just feel there is too little communication .
Apr 14, 2021

idk lol

this is the only school i’ve not experienced bullying in,only love and compassion
Mar 10, 2021


As he saying goes: if it seems to good to be true.....

All is not as promised.
Dec 7, 2020

5 star

Going from my previous school to pinnicale has been nothing but a blessing. I had no idea I could actually enjoy a school environment until I came to PCR.
Oct 13, 2020

Best School

The best school I've ever taken my child to. Warm and dedicated staff.I hope the school forever stays this way.
Apr 27, 2020

Best school

It is the best school I could've been at it has the best system to help students in times if need and I DON'T WANT to leave my school
Apr 26, 2020

I so dont wanna leave my School

Shiyane High school

The school in a rural area in Rockes Drift . well my school is the best school .
It bring learners from very far places to one place where they get educated. The teacher in my school are very motivatiomal. I mean every learner looks up to them.

Strictly rules are there n we as the learners make sure they followed as they teach us alot even about self respect.

The pass rate improves every year. N im happy thats my school. Khula sponsors us with most of the things. N that kaoes our school the best school or place to be for learning.

It is a safe and fun place to be at. As i miss school already. Even though there is this lockdown thing. My school is prepared and makes sure every learner doesnt get left behind. They are some work on papers dilivered to every learner n fetched for marking.

There are groups on social media to keep us updated.ery weekday during this lockdown learners get something to do. Its like an ordinary school day as so much work is done.

Parents are involved in everything so they give learners all the support they need. Our principal Mrs Zulu so loves the school learner u can call us his family. I love my school. I love my teachers. I appreacite their effort💟💟
Candice Gomes
Mar 22, 2020

Pinnacle College Rynfield-shaping little humans

My daughter is in grade 4 and my son in grade 1 at Pinnacle College Rynfield. We really needed this school to work. We hadn’t had the best experiences up until now.
As a parent you make decisions that you feel would be in the best interests of your children and we don’t always get it right but it’s how you handle the mistakes that makes the difference.

The decision to send them to Pinnacle College Rynfield wasn’t only the best decision for them but it was the best decision for us as a family.

My children are happy, flourishing and actively participating in any and every extra mural their days have time for.

The teachers are so amazing. I’m a firm believer that a teacher will make or break a child and are instrumental in forming who the little human being is becoming.

The coaches.... the coaches are beyond coaches for these kids.
My children (and all the children at the school) are encouraged to participate in all extra murals by these 2 phenomenal coaches.
You didn’t make the team.... so what, come to the practices, join in, work on improving your skills. Better yourself and your capabilities so you can eventually join the team. No one is left out!
There is maximum engagement from the children. The coaches respect, teach and love the children that they coach, and THAT makes all the difference in the world!

So to my point. We made the right decision for our family choosing Pinnacle College Rynfield because our children are happy! A parent could never ask more than that!
Mar 21, 2020

Best school ever

I am currently in grade 12..And I've been at kathstan since grade 2 and when the school changed from kathstan to Pinnacle rynfield colloge if was the best change ever..more sports grounds new buildings new subjects like robotics... Awesome teachers and awesome friends.. As Pinnacle students we are not just friends but we are a family and we are always willing to help each other out where we can... We have new traditions at our school like the matrics putting up their own flag the grade 8s burrying time capsules and grade 0 to grade 3 planting a tree... I love my school too bits and I recommend you guys come have a look at our school you won't regret it at all..
Mar 21, 2020

Pinnacle College Rynfield Profesional & Focused

Pinnacle College Rynfield staff are dedicated to helping students. They do this with utmost professionalism. We have our daughter in GR00 and our son in GR4 and they are very happy. The staffing team is very friendly and are focused on the students. We will never consider moving our children to another school.
Mar 21, 2020

Pinnacle College Rynfield is excellent

The staff are all very welcoming and passionate about what they do. The full focus is on our children and to ensure that they succeed. We have our daughter in GR00 and our son in GR4. They are both so happy at Pinnacle College Rynfield. They are very proactive especially in a crisis like now. I would never consider putting our kids in another school.
Mar 21, 2020

Bullfrog Pan Pinnacle Rynfield College

Just the view of the bullfrog pan and flamingos is enough to make you feel that you’ve made the right choice for your kids. They love going to school because they’ve formed wholesome bonds with fellow pupils and their wonderful teachers.

My two children are enjoying the extra mural swimming and music lessons, happy to get to the on-premise pool at the crack of dawn to do swimming training whilst the animals around them are just waking up. They’re excited, and they’re proud of their marks and their friends and teachers.

What more could a parent want? Thank you, Pinnacle College Rynfield, for helping my two little ones to be so motivated to do well and be part of the fabric that makes your school so wonderful.
Avita Naidoo
Mar 20, 2020

Life changing experience

As parents we went through a really difficult experience at my daughters previous school, this caused her self esteem to drop immensely and we had difficulties getting her to where she should be. Thanks to Pinnacle College they helped and encouraged her to always do her best and never give up. She loves going to school everyday and we appreciate her teachers for all that they have done to help us help her.
Mar 20, 2020

Excellent school. Worth the visit!

My boys are now in Grade 0 and 2 and absolutely adore their teachers and for them it's a joy to go to school. The wealth of knowledge and learning opportunities is amazing. Truly excited to be a part of the developments that have recently taken place. Worth the visit!
21 Patten Rd, 1501, Benoni Small Farms
087 350 0090

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