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The school of GREATNESS!

Student · April 7, 2020
Student · April 7, 2020
GREATNESS!The school of talent, spirit, hard-working students and most importantly discipline. Hoërskool Parow is the best school because teachers allow you to find you inner self and Parow high is not only a school, we are a family because together we stand and together we shall strive. So we can transcend!

Parow high. #movingforward

Student · April 4, 2020
Student · April 4, 2020
Our school is opening up this year to new things and change. We are also putting us as the learners first and foremost.
Chante Makayla Brinkhuis

Diversity equals social growth

Former Student · March 19, 2020
Former Student · March 19, 2020
One thing that really stood out to me about attending Parow High was the educators and their professionalism and passion for teaching. It's exactly this that has striked my own passion for teaching. The language teachers especially. It is exactly in my English class where I developed a love for writing poetry and other creative forms such as film, drama and music.
The cost of school fees at PHS is much more affordable than most schools in the area and accomodates kids from very different backgrounds. Personally, I believe this gives students more perspective, social growth and understanding.
I think there might be many mixed reviews of the school but I personally feel that you only really understand the school and its dynamics once you attend it and experience it for yourself.
Parow High has a very impressive alumni particularly in music and TV. I just wish there were subject choices to accomodate that. The current and future students could really benefit from it.
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eish, wasn't my first choice

Former Student · March 3, 2020
Former Student · March 3, 2020
i am a past pupil at parow high and i can say from experience that in terms of academics it is a good school but if your child has trouble adapting to new environments or if you want them to learn in a mentally-healthy and non-discriminating environment , this is not the place for them.


Student · February 27, 2020
Student · February 27, 2020
Too many rules that is directly appointed to certain cultures and religions;afro hairstyles, black bags, cellphones are not allowed, which i think is absolutely unreasonable .. Level of education 9/10.

School of Excellence

Former Student · February 24, 2020
Former Student · February 24, 2020
Parow High School has had a bad reputation in the past , but as a learner who has matriculated within the last 5 years I can truly say that I absolutely loved the school. In addition, I adored my educators. They were kind, tender hearted and always willing to give a helping hand. They tried their utmost best to push us learners towards our goals. One of my teachers helped me land a scholarship that enabled me to further my studies at one of the best institutions in South Africa - she believed in me and my ambition.

The leaders (staff and learners alike) always perused excellence. They were diligent when it came to meeting the needs and requests of students and making Parow High School an environment that is conducive to learning.

Their academics are not too shabby too. Teachers put in maximum effort - over and above what they’re suppose to do. Sacrificing hours with no additional pay to stay after school and come in on Saturday's to further students learning potential and impart their knowledge. Even though Parow High isn’t a world class educational institution or an elite private school that offers the glits and the glam; what they provide is the best that they can do and they keep on striving upwards and forwards.

Parow High School is my home. The educators are my family. My blood bleeds blue 💙

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