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Former Student
Mar 16, 2020

Osizweni Secondary School Review

Osizweni is an odd school for one but it's not completely that bad. The academics of the school are fairly thriving even though the students have adopted the mentality that "they don't like learning". The schools daily runnings are staggeringly savage and the principal shows very little to no care for neither the students or the faculty as a whole.The overall infrastructure of the school is by far what you would call hazardous or generally a "death trap" and yet the outdoor environment is in better shape even though the school is within the outer limits of the town.The overall safety and security of the students is somewhat questionable with constant complaints over the past few years with constant muggings of students by local gangs.The only activities that occur are mostly for mental development with extra classes for most grades. The teachers there from my own personal experience are easy to interact with and confide in because unlike their principal, they are compassionate and dedicated to their jobs.generally speaking there is no bullying when it comes to Osizweni mainly because bullying comes with severe consequences. Equal rights between students and educators are highly encourage because no human being has more rights than another. The school culture is more of a "stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours" vibe and quite frankly it's what works for everyone. Ever since I first went to that school there has never been a feeding scheme for children nor are meals provided unless you count the school shops. But in my overall experience of that school, it is a place that promotes individuality and personal development and it's a fairly moderate place to educate a child despite its crooked infrastructure and culture.

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