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Based on 7 reviews and 91 answers
Former Student
Oct 11, 2021

Not good.

In my grade eight year, COVID hit. But based on 2021 and the time I had in grade 8 I can say as a former student that this school is not good for any who arent particularly sporty. If you (the student) are sporty, and don't really care about academics, top school. If you are like me and pay attention to teachers, quality of infrastructure, and overall experience academically, this school is NOT for you. Stay away, you will not enjoy it. A majority of the boys there are sports-focused and dont behave particularly well.
Former Student
Jun 3, 2021

Respect and honesty core values of the school

The school itself is good but unfortunately racism is a real thing in todays world and I'm sure it's not only at northwood where things happen management does not deal with the problem appropriately. They are obviously working on changing things but I personally think they could be doing alot more to prevent these things and I know this is not just in northwood I speak for all highschool in southafrica not alot of people have the guts to speak up about it but I still think the leaders at the top such headmasters and ministers of education etc should be doing more to stop this because it does hurt some kids and it destroys their highschool experience. Northwood is still a good school and the vibe you get there you will never find it anyway else. They help you grow up to be a man with so many values and so much respect and I still live by those values still to this day
Apr 5, 2021

Northwood is great but...

Although I do like the school itself and the friends I surround myself with, I still feel as if I'm in an uncomfortable environment. It's my final year and by now I would have thought that my fellow class mates would have matured but everytime someone says "gay" or something like that, I hear giggles as if it's funny to be homosexual, and that bugs me a lot. Recently my teacher was talking about these two gay people in the book we are reading and referred to them as "moffies" which is a very derogatory term to me. My point is that Northwood is a great school in terms of education and learning but it feels as if boys are uneducated on how hard it is to grow up gay and be faced with the hate we have to go through, and that's why it's 4 stars and not 5
Jan 31, 2021

Great school

Just a very good school
Oct 26, 2020

Amazing experience :)

Absolutely phenomenal
Aug 29, 2020

Can’t be better

Amazing school. Just so good.
Mar 26, 2020

Review about Northwood school

Hello everyone my school is Northwood high school and it's a boys high school located in Durban North. My school is a passionate school and all the learners and staff there are passionate about what they do at Northwood. When students go yo Northwood they feel inspired to do what is good because of the leadership that the school instilled. Northwood exells through academics,sport and social enrichment in a christian enviroment and it's aim is to turn young squires into knights. Northwood's academics are very good and each and every one of us(pupils) try our best to not only represent ourselves but the Northwood badge. Northwood's sport is exceedingly good and as we run on to the field we as the blue army feel an adrenaline rush and as we play we know that we have got an army behind us that is supporting us and is cheering on for us. I myself have learnt a lot at Northwood like how to be independent, vigilant and I have also learnt to fly my flag high.
For Northwood always...
#the knights are coming

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