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An oasis - where dreams flourish.

Student · September 16, 2020
Student · September 16, 2020
I am currently a 3rd year student at this university. I've honestly learnt and been taught that with hard work, comes great results. I've been built to be tough not only mentally but also psychologically and I'm really grateful.

Faculty of Law

Student · September 3, 2020
Student · September 3, 2020
Has one of the best law school in the continent

Best university!

Student · April 28, 2020
Student · April 28, 2020
It creates a very comfortable environment for everyone, it does not matter where you come from you will always feel at home and it has excellent platforms to motivate you to do more.
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Great for social life. Your academics? ...

Student · March 27, 2020
Student · March 27, 2020
It is a diverse university and the staff is friendly but to the institution as a whole you are just a student number. Any problem that you have requires you to bounce from pillar to post in order to solve it as one person always refers you to the other. Lecturers that have been complained about for years because of their incompetency to teach are still lecturing and learners are passed on to the following module without having grasped any information. There has been a number of crimes on campus so it is not a safe environment. There are a lot of multimurals and organisation to attend in your spare time to widen your skills and experience. The food is also diverse as there are lollipops and fruits form vendors ,hot dogs and waffles from food trucks and a wide variety of cuisine from the campus cafè. The university always provides great games of rugby ,soccer ,netball and even water polo. There is few to none accomodation mishaps as the university accredits only the cremè de la cremè of places to accomodate its students. All in all it is a good university you make good friends and leave equipped enough to venture into the corporal world.

NMU as the best tertiary institute

Student · March 20, 2020
Student · March 20, 2020
I am currently enrolled at the institution as a first year, I must say I am truly impressed by the level of teaching. The lectures are nice and aren't ignorant towards us students in terms of help. I would recommend this tertiary institution to any parent wanting to enroll their child.

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