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How being at Ndabankulu S.S.S have been...

Former Student · February 28, 2020
Former Student · February 28, 2020
Being at Ndabankulu S.S.S really made me grow, I was so naive when I arrived there but I left knowing it all. Not only academically but the teachers were so educative, inspiring and leading. They were the best examples to the learners... As I was doing my Grade 12 last year I got to learn a lot, I learned how to be independent, how to suffer but most of all I learned how to manage being around many other people and that made me grow. When it comes to academics my teacher molded me in fact they produced the best out of me. Now that I am here at University I really regret all the times I would be so ignorant at school I really wish I was attentive to each and every teacher and event that took place because it is only now that I realize how helpful they were. I really feel blessed for ever attending there it was a great experience and I would love to say to those who are still there, enjoy your journey there and don't be ignorant do not repeat the same mistake I did because it will haunt you when you've left and you will regret it. Appreciate your teachers and always make them feel appreciated because you will surely miss then and regret every single mistake you ever made. Those people are Angels from heaven and I also didn't realize till I had to leave that place... Enjoy! enjoy! More life, happiness and Joy...

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