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Former Student
May 27, 2021

Mt Frere High School

Mt Frere High School is just a mess, I'm so ashamed to even call it a school it's just like a tavern where everyone does whatever they want to at their own time, poor education, unhealthy food(soup and pap every school day) sometimes no food at all and no water especially during summer season students would faint daily, and yet the principal sits there like watching tv show, I can't even comment about the state of classrooms, about 9 Learners and 4 teachers would break legs yearly because of the conditions of classroom floors.
Apr 6, 2020

Chemistry tools and chemicals

In Mount Frere High School teachers try their best as they can especially grade 12 teachers. They put efforts so that we can have best results at the end of the year.The Physical Sciences students need to do Chemistry Experiments everytime , now they struggle to do Experiments because they are no tools for it and chemicals too.They need things like pamphlets of Universities so that they can know requiments of their careers.We really need to pass well this year and have a 100%pass rate..Thank you.

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