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Great school

Student · December 1, 2020
Student · December 1, 2020
Mondale high school is the school to be at great academics and sports they might be harsh on rules but they are trying to teach you life lessons, the teachers are dedicated and encourage learners to strive for the best and the school is always clean thanks to our amazing janitors


Student · March 28, 2020
Student · March 28, 2020
Mondale high has always strived to be the best. Although it is a school based in a local area, Mitchells plain we never cease to dissapoint whether it be academically or sports wise. Our school, and I speak on behalf of the mondalians really do have the best support system behind us, always encouraging us to work hard and stay focused. Although we have many challenges coming our way especially with the area we are based, our principal along with the teachers and prefects are always trying to be one step ahead. We have the most dedicated prefects, trying to uphold the ethos of our school. Mondale high has been classified as the family school within my family. I've had 2 elder brothers who has matriculated years before me, one being the head boy, the other one and myself being prefects. My mother always salutes the school especially the teachers who play the role she wouldn't be able to take one. She fully trusts Mondale high and the environment she leaves us in,she believes education is extremely important and Mondale high might be the best and garunteed place to achieve exceptional results especially if you are dedicated.
Our principal is one dedicated person. Mondale high would definitely not be the same with any other principal. He makes sure everything is up to standard, from the area we have lunch breaks in up to our uniform. He makes sure that any form of bullying is handled, he does not allow this to take place. Our principal takes great pride in our athletics, we have been champions for over 10 years, something schools work extremely hard at and we are so privileged to hold that title. We have a great, hard working soccer squad. We do not only have males but we have a female squad too, and I'm sure this tells you we promote gender equality.
He takes great interest in our academics, going the extra mile for our matriculants. We also have a lovely group of janitors who take care of our school yet we are also encouraged to help and look out for them. They are extremely friendly, people that are always there and willing. " Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is older he shall not depart". This is something which Mondale always aims to do, not forgetting " Monte De Susses" which means soar upwards. And lastly not forgetting one of the teachers encouragements, "Aspire to inspire before you expire"

Best High School

Student · February 22, 2020
Student · February 22, 2020
My personal review is that Mondale High School is the best High School in Mitchell's Plain by far, not only are we good in Academics, but we always dominate the annual Athletics meetings. We are the first school to get 682 points in an Athletics meeting. Simply put, we are the best and don't have any competition, quality teachers and quality education for 38 Years, MONTE DESSUS!

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