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Student · April 7, 2021
Student · April 7, 2021
Merrifield is a challenging school that keeps up with international schools and prepares its students for university.

Small classrooms enable teachers able focus on each individual students and help students produce excellent marks.

I love going to school

Student · April 7, 2021
Student · April 7, 2021
brilliant school, developing and modernizing quickly. keeping up with the international standards and provides for every sector. best school in the EL area and offers IEB
Yanelisa  Sishuba

They treat black people like dogs

Former Student · Student · March 5, 2021
Former Student · Student · March 5, 2021
Okay firstly once when I was in grade 1 a teacher (not my grade 1 teacher tho) shoved a Ritalin in my mouth without me and my mothers consent because I was being too loud. That day I had one of the worst headaches of my life because I had already taken my Ritalin that morning so technically she made me OD. Secondly the kids called me flat nose in class in grade 4 and the teacher just laughed. I also experienced a teacher exposing a child who had failed a test by writing his mark on the white board to humiliate him, all because he forgot to hand in his book at the end of a lesson. Merrifield honestly has never ever considered nor cared about their black students and I honestly went there because I got IEB education, but other than recieving my matric certificate, I regretted every single day that I went there.
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Equal rights
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Merrifield College

Student · January 11, 2021
Student · January 11, 2021
Honestly speaking from my own perspective of the school, the education in some subjects is really good but we get that type of division between white and black people. Merrifield doesn’t offer a racism and discrimination policy at the school which makes cases of racism or discrimination hard to be dealt with. Many incidents have occurred which I have heard have been swept under the carpet but overall, Merrifield’s academics are good but they do have social issues that need to be dealt with.


Student · September 17, 2020
Student · September 17, 2020
The worst school in the area!! Racist pigs run this place-the teachers children are treated like royalty, there is no punishment for bullies!! Stay away from this hell-hole of a place

My Merrifield experience and review.

Student · March 23, 2020
Student · March 23, 2020
I am a student at Merrifield.
I moved to Merrifield from a public school in grade 4. The classes are very small which allows for individual attention on the students of the school. Coming from a school where I was bullied I was nervous to move but when I got there it was like I was part of the family in a second. The school focused on me as a student and was extremely welcoming and understanding of the fact I suffer from anxiety, depression and ADHD disorders, they even had a school counselor fo the students like me and have a group of peer counselors for people not comfortable talking to the actual adult counselor.

Merrifield is not only a kind environment but also is of better academic quality than most public schools in East London. The work is harder but the school offers free tuition and also allows the learners to use their mind and not just memorize like my previous school made us do, this is extremely useful because that is how the real world works. Logic and application.

The high level of education and encouraged hard work will ensure That students are able to apply to any university in the world!!!

Merrifield has also started to take sports more seriously and has employed some of the top coaches in the province and even country. The sports program does not encourage over competitiveness but rather appreciation of the sport and makes its enjoyable for the students. Merrifield is the reason I started to get healthy again. The teachers were helpful and kind and did not make me feel bad about myself like my previous school.

I am a huge lover for art. The art teacher and system values all sorts of art and is open to originality. The school has also allowed me to attend an art school that does international exams. They were always supportive and encouraging of the fact that I as a 14 year old was asked to join a matric art group. Merrifield has just developed a new theater class and subject. This has brought such a lovely vibe on campus. The music and acting is appreciated and embraced. The cultural department is not as far as other schools in terms of size but as someone who has moved schools I can say that Merrifield has never turned me down in music and has only helped me and educated me on the subject of singing and musical theater singing. We have a fantastic marimba band who has come in the top 3 in an annual marimba festival for years. I am fortunate enough to be in band. The marimba and Jazz band is so fun and our teachers are so kind that it feels like you are playing with family not peers.

Merrifield is definitely the best school I have ever been to. They are extremely clean and value hygiene on campus and in the bathrooms which was not seen at any of my previous schools. The school takes human rights very seriously and makes sure the students are educated about human right and South Africa’s constitutional rights, this has allowed me to feel free to voice my political opinions and not be judged but rather asked as to why believe this or that making it a learning experience for all.
I love Merrifield and am so happy at the school. It’s always nice to have teachers value your soul over your appearance and to be able to be in such a diverse school where we can all feel safe.

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