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Samantha Roux

Lorraine school

Parent · August 26, 2020
Parent · August 26, 2020
My child's needs comes first they handle kids like it's there own and every time I go fetch her she has to tell me what an awesome day she had
Johnathan  Fourie

Lorraine P review

Former Student · March 30, 2020
Former Student · March 30, 2020
I recomend this school to those parents that are always looking for improvement in anyway possible. Lorraine Primary School is not shy with improving any aspect of their school to better it. Parents please dont ever doubt the teachers at Lorraine, they are the most caring and the most comforting ! These teachers will discipline your children but with respect. I am so grateful for what the teachers at lorraine had done for me, giving feedback to my doctors when needed. This school really goes out of their way in every aspect. The cleanliness of this school is superb, I never see dirty floors or classrooms, they are always clean. The school could just focus on the aspect of bullying, I know it's a difficult situation to control and I understand but they could perhaps focus abit more on the bullying of pupils in the school (not only physically but more verbally too). I take my hat off for the newly appointed principle for all the improvements he has made. I congratulate this school and I thank you for getting me though the hard times and always assisting and helping me. I landed up leaving the school with distinctions which I would have never thought of having. I will forever be grateful to the Phycologist at the school and all the teachers. May God bless you all.


Parent · March 30, 2020
Parent · March 30, 2020
I have had a child at Lorraine Primary School for the past 13 years and my youngest is currently in grade 4. They are an excellent school and have really great teachers and are lead by a great team on Principal and vice Principals.

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14 Circle Rd Lorraine, 6070, Port Elizabeth

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