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Former Student
Jul 16, 2020

Comment on King Edward High Scho

The school although well facilitated and long-lived, is ruined by its governing body(predominantly its headmaster). In the recent few years the school has been targeted by the local press as having been mildly racist and favouritist, and rightly so (although not as plainly as it is conveyed through the media), the school is fueled by nepitism towards the governing body's children in the school and most teachers are not selected due to their skills and experience but rather the close connection to the head master and and chairmen of the school.
The school is highly focused on sporting achievements and only spends time and effort on the acedemic students if the students are already excelling in their studies, most other students fall to the way side.
The cultural aspect of the school is slim to non-existant, the few times where arts and culture related activities occur is when some of the few passionate teachers and staff organize it on their own time.
The school does however have some redeeming qualities such as its facilities-such as being the only school in matatiele to have a fully functioning hostel, a fully equipped athletic field and rugby,hockey, and cricket fields as well as tennis courts (which is unfortunately dilapidated to the point of shame as the tennis club is seen as a non-essential sport). The School also has a select few of skilled and passionate teachers on its staff, and a broader selection of subject choices compared to other schools in the area.
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