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Jeppe High School For Girls

Student · January 18, 2021
Student · January 18, 2021
I personally am impressed with this school. I currently attend Jeppe and in the beginning it was okay but as I started to learn more about the school I realised that it doesnt provide equal treatment to all the learners. They may not make it very obvious but they can be racist at times and only interactive with the more talented (academics or sport) and I honestly feel unsupported at this school. I also feel that Jeppe High School for Girls should also stop being so negative to people that are into the same sex or are trans-gender or in the process.

Jeppe Girls - a place of community

Student · December 7, 2020
Student · December 7, 2020
I recommend this school to girls that struggle to find their place. Before this school I was always anxious and worried about what other people thought about me but after I gained so much confidence and I found people that were a lot like me. This school creates bonds that last. There is so much culture and community and it might push students hard but all of us are better off for it and I’ve never heard anyone say different

Jeppe High School for Girls

Student · November 29, 2020
Student · November 29, 2020
Im currently a student at Jeppe Girls and i am really enjoying it ! Ive made the best friends and built strong relationships with teachers - which has helped me with my academics and my sports. The school has opened a lot of doors for me and exposed me to a lot regarding sporting competitions and academics. Everyone at Jeppe Girls is so motivating and helpful and push every girl to strive for their best and work to achieve their goals - a very great school
I highly recommend it !


Student · March 27, 2020
Student · March 27, 2020
Hey I am Michelle,I go to Jeppe high school for girls.My school is well known for it's accademics and culture.It gives you the best comfort that it possibly cand and inspires young woman to be confident and stand out in the society that we live in today.My school inspires me to care and love the people arround me and the environment by inspiring us to plant ever green plants (to help improve climate change)and by donating toiletries, sandwiches ect.(to those in need).My school has a variety of activities that show your individual uniqueness and creativity such as sports this includes (netball,soccer,hockey,cross country, Athletics,volley ball, high jump,long jump, choir, swimming flower show ect.).My school helps stop racial division by (telling showing and telling us that they have noticed that at Break they see groups of people where there is only one race sitting together.)they then explain to us that we ate only surrounding ourselves with those we are used to and know better instead of trying to get to know different people because of fear and tell is they want to see change and it starts with us.My school has made me a young responsible and confident lady that I am today.My school motto is "Forti Nihil Difficillius" meaning nothing is too difficult for the brave.This is clearly shown in my school.
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