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Dec 10, 2021

👎👎👎👎👎 Ixopo

When I was still in primary my dad considered I go to Ixopo High school. I never thought of it as a well groomed school as the students there smoked in front of us children in their school uniforms. Now I am a student there, I didn't have a choice because I was forced by the situation I was in. The school is what I expected it to be, I wasn't shocked. The school lacks strict teachers, teachers there teach when they want to teach, they're always on their phones even during exams. What I don't really really like is that the school allows students to carry phones even when we are writing exams, what they do is they copy, they could search for answers or take pictures of textbook notes. For some student this is unfair including me. I wouldn't recommend the school for anyone, if I did,i would be ruining their chances of passing. I personally have been getting bad grades ever since I got there, and things weren't like that in grade 8 as I wasn't in it only got in grade 9.i honestly would like the department of education to shut down the school as it is useless. I don't know how the school was when it was still a private school but right now as it is a public school it is garbage/rubbish. And one thing I think it has a bit of racism as the principal is white. I'm not even going to grade it. I don't the school has the rule that prohibits smoking as my English teacher told us the smoking is allowed, what's worse is that the students take that advantage and sell space muffins. Indoor environment and learning environment is very poor as the same class we use to learn it's also a study room and dining room for the ones who are boarding.
Aug 21, 2020

Ixopo High School

The School is not good as it's facilities look
Sport is always disorganised especially with trips and events.
Dying Era Of Rugby.
Smoking is at a high level.
Gym is out of order and dangerous to use.
Only white, coloured and Indian students are allowed to have certain hairstyles not blacks.
May 13, 2020

Not good

The school is bad in terms of sport considering games are cancelled alot,there is also alot of bulling from day scholars towards hostelites and for some hostel prefects also start bulling at the end of the year.there is also alot of smoking.
Lindani  Sosibo
Mar 20, 2020

Ixopo High School is the Bomb

Well my school is no different from other schools. As much as we are there to study, gossip is hot. We are exposed to different types of people with their drama but hey I'm not complaining. Everyone thinks that we isolate ourselves but they are the ones who are afraid of talking to us. I wouldn't change my school for anything especially now that I'm in Matric. As the Deputy of the Cassington Boys Hostel and Deputy Chairperson of the Representative Council of Learners I am enjoying my privileges. The learners are very cooperative and I am really proud of them. If you happen to find yourself in Ixopo don't forget to bump into my school.
2 Centenary Road, 3276, Ixopo

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