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A diamond in the dirt

Student · April 14, 2020
Student · April 14, 2020
If walls could talk,I think they would be held ransom for the knowledge they have about all the treasures in Ivorypark secondary school. A school that stands out from a very disadvantaged community in Ivory park, striving for excellence and delivering it every year.
My school teaches us to see our surroundings as opportunities, that we shouldn't wait to be given an opportunity but we should create opportunities for ourselves at every possible chance. We are taught that we are more that our backgrounds and our situations, we are the future that we should start building right now.
Motivation and drive is what keeps Ivory park secondary school at the top, there are great teacher-student relationships and we all realize and acknowledge that we all need each other to get to the top.
My favorite aspects of the school other that academic excellence and everything else that I have mentioned above is the discipline. As students, we are taught that discipline is the first and outmost important factor in every field.
We are and we have always been proud Ivorians and I am proud to have been part of this school.

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15260 Riverside St Ivory Park, 1693, Midrand

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