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It's a good and bad one, here's why

Student · December 12, 2020
Student · December 12, 2020
I am a student at insight learning centre and from my perspective (and a friend who I asked to help in this) believe there is some factors about the school that is good and bad. Your teachers are nice, kind, respectful and always there if you need help, but the other students are really sometimes simple and just really annoying, constant talking, this and that. When it comes to academics, I did terrible this year honestly and I don't blame it on the teachers, I just didn't do my full potential and paid enough attention in class. but then there in some areas I belive the teaching doesn't do well, the indoor environment is nice, single desks, projector , windows for enough fresh air. Outdoor is nice but small on space, oh and the bathrooms are also nice. Safety and security is highly gold, we are safe when we come in and safe when we go out. Activities well we do some stuff, not sure what you meant on activities specifically but yeah, information is always given at the secretary. Sports are nice but I don't like the fact that they took out kickboxing. School culture is okay all cultures are allowed I believe. 90% of the students don't even follow the code of conduct. Some stuff is challenging yes but in a way it isn't sometimes. Honestly it's a mutually good school. Btw highly recommend if you're looking for a primary school for your child. :)

Best School

April 9, 2020
April 9, 2020
I am a Parent
Insight Learning School is very good. It accommodates every Child. I was struggling to get private school because my child had tight tounge, but the Principal gave my Child an opportunity to be one of the best Child at her School. I fully support the Principal because the school also accommodate delayed Kids. They feel Special too. The School does not have much place for Sport but the Principal had to pay Swimming place for Special needs kids to learn how to Swimm. I would love this School to be recognized.
My email address yolanda.nkewu@gmail.com

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