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Student · January 13, 2021
Student · January 13, 2021
This isn't by far one of the best schools but has the potential to be. The school lacks in respect towards teachers and students. Full of smokers and people who drink. Students have lack of respect to one another and teachers have no respect to students. Some teachers are amazing but they is a handful of them. School doesn't do anything to people who smoke or disobey the rules because most of them are still in the school and not expelled.

hyde park high

Student · January 11, 2021
Student · January 11, 2021
hyde park is one wack school , these teachers are ew everything’s ew at this point , the teachers are so DISRESPECTFUL , we be so nice to them and they always choose violence , always ! they also don’t know how to solve issues they always quick to jump and never finish problems between student or teachers and it’s always ‘the students are wrong ‘bye .

You should leave

Student · December 12, 2020
Student · December 12, 2020
Honestly Hyde park is the worst. I honestly can’t stand it anymore. People in that school including the teachers are so harsh and they tent to bully or even harass you. It is stereotypical and rude and they never treat people as an individual it’s always a group. We as children were supposed to grow as a person not as a group we were supposed to be learning right from wrong not being force fed information and throwing it all up on a piece of paper. The school also says that they don’t have money and so on but the school itself is horrid. But the teachers lounge is top of their priorities. I can never stay. I’m glad I’m leaving hyde park high school and moving next year
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Hyde Park High School Not A Good Place To Grow Up

Former Student · May 30, 2020
Former Student · May 30, 2020
First off the school forgets to mention a lot of key factors like the fact there are thieves, way too many smokers and a fair share of drinkers in the student body, if you're like me that bit was fun but if you're not it'll annoy you to no end that constant drug tests are done but most of the culprits are still in the school and also the fact there sometimes seems to be a lack of consideration for students from the teachers. Certain teachers honestly lack the skills academically and skills to teach teenagers that need a balance of fun and work. I would've given it a 3 star evens but truth be told i hated going to HPHS and those will always be some if the worst years of my life.

Worst school ever

Student · March 1, 2020
Student · March 1, 2020
Really bad school. Bad teachers, school refuses to do anything about the bad teachers even when they are complained about, putting education in jeopardy. School does not do anything about theft and constant drug scandals.

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