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Former Student
Nov 29, 2023

Rob is very Racist to black learners

Rob Ferreira high school is the most horrible and most racist school ever I definitely wouldn't reccomend it. I went through depression and almost committed suicide 'cause of that school and it looks like a healthy environment only on their pages, The teachers are not qualified teachers and many black learners fail very bad due to absenteeism of teachers take your child to Rob Ferreira at your own risk I definitely do not reccomend it!
Former Student
Dec 17, 2022

Don't go to Rob pls

As a former student of Rob ferriera, I highly suggest you pick uplands. Kids get bullied by matrics and sometimes even teachers. They focus more on sports than academics, safety of children and etc. Your sometimes judged for not even doing any sports. And the classes look like a child threw a tantrum and decided to toss paper everywhere. And you pay a large amount of money in school fees just to have a terrible highschool year
Nov 2, 2022

Worse school ever

Former student speaking.

There are teachers who seek advances of female students. Nothing is done about it.

Racism against blacks, is really bad and I am a white person, who have a lot of black friends and it is heartbreaking to see how a school who is suppose to learn children morals and values, discriminate against people because of their culture and skin colour.

If you do not participate in sport, you get bullied very harsh. If you do the right thing according to the rules and don't smoke in the schoolyard, you get bullied.

If you show them that they are wrong, you get threatened by being expelled.

This a bad school, don't go near it.
Former Student
Mar 30, 2021

No. Just No.

The prefects are useless. The school doesn't care about bullying. They focus a lot on athletics and sport.
Former Student
Mar 23, 2021

Rob is embarrassing.

Definitely do not recommend this school. The bullying gets worse everyday and the teachers are useless when it comes to students in need. The racism and sexism is a huge problem and the reason why students gets away with it is because they’re white and popular. I’ve been bullied multiple times by the same people and no teacher bothered to help out. None of the teachers care about the students’ mental health or try to help them when they have problems. Rob needs to stop focusing on sport for a second and try and fix the racism at school first. Really disappointed.
Mar 23, 2021

Rob Ferreira High School

Cares more about sports than academics. Very racist when it comes to the dress code amoung girls
Dec 25, 2020

Okay school

You hear a lot about what a good school this is I have seen teachers swipe away a child in need because the bully was involved in sports, honestly they care more about sports that the school provides then anything else some teachers don't really care about school work and the bullying under the learners gets worse by the day honestly the school has degraded
Former Student
Nov 23, 2020

Review for Rob Ferreira Highschool

I use to go to this school from grade 9 until grade 12, I won't lie, the school has a good learning system and some of the teachers are very enthusiastic about teaching, but the school has very racist tendencies, black girls enrolled in this school were not allowed to have their natural hair on, weren't allowed to dye their hair natural colours like brown, they were only allowed to have 1 color on their hair and that was black, whilst the white girls did all sorts of colours on their hair. The black boys weren't allowed to do fades, they were only allowed to have bald heads, whilst the white boys didn't even cut their hair. You even get forced to do sports, and if you don't agree they threaten to expel you from the school.

The students are very racist and the teachers are even worse. I as a former student of Rob Ferreira Highschool strongly do not recommend this school for students who seek diversity and equality, because to them White students are a priority and the rest of the races arent even 2nd best.
Former Student
Jul 5, 2020

Pick another school

I used to go to this school. This school has very racist habits. Girls of colour were not allowed to have their hair dyed in an "unnatural colour" or highlights whereas we'd see white girls with white hair and blonde highlights. The school does absolutely nothing when students bring any racism they've experienced into light. The education system is just as bad. The pure math teachers bring you down everyday instead of encouraging you to do your best and helping you where they can. Our things got stolen and never found even though there are supposed to be working cameras. I had an awful experience at this school.
5 Maroela St, 1240, White River

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