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Oct 31, 2022

NHS wears a perfect mask

They discriminate and the students are bullies and the teachers do not care about the bullying.

They do good academically and sport, but student wellbeing is of question, especially since in the past a number of students either comitted suicide or contemplated it, because of bullying.

They also cover up the steroid and drug use in this school, which is a shame.

Don't judge a book by its perfect cover, judge a book by what's going on inside.
Sep 9, 2021

Just no

I was bullied by guys in my grade ,and the teachers only said boy's will be boys. Everyone els is to scared to come forth and tell teacher's they are bullied. And most children feel left out or as if they don't matter.
Jun 6, 2021


Bullies are taking over the school and no one is even caring...
Feb 11, 2021

Best journey

This school helps develop you as a person physically and mentally
Excellent teachers And staff
I built awesome memories and had good times there and as my time in NHS is near its end i want to say tnx for the wonder memories and excellent times i wil never forget this school
Jan 4, 2021

Nhs, the good choice for your child.

Everything about this school is amazing. The teachers care for all the students and parents and tries to get everybody involved in sport. The school's academics is on very high standerds. We have never been unhappy with anything with Hoërskool Nelspruit. The sport and culture activities are always head and shoulders above the rest of the school's in the area.
Dec 23, 2020

Stop hiding the truth

Hoerskool Nelspruit is a racist school and people should stop saying otherwise. The kids there are mostly the problem towards kids of colour. Take for example, the blm movement when there kids went off proportion and started bashing the movement. Yet there was no account taken on that. With that also being said, the school has a large amount of disrespect and racism when competing at inter high. Take for example when the parents of the students attached another school.
Dec 4, 2020

Almost perfect but has excusable flaws

Amazing school with lots of opportunities but has a large amount of homofobia (even umong teachers) and racism (especially in the hostel) this us unexceptable and must be changed post haste
Sep 2, 2020

NHS Review 2020

Hoerskool Nelspruit is one of the best schools in Mpumalanga ith the best pass rate for years.

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