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Former Student · October 17, 2020
Former Student · October 17, 2020
I personally didn't find a lot of fault with this school. No school is perfect hence i say "a lot of fault". We will all always see our own different problems. Some student complained about racism which i dispute. I am colored and i did experience the racism from students whilst i was a learner a the school, but , i didn't get it from a teacher. I was very good in athletics and i was recognized despite my race or skin colour. I always took pride and still take pride in the discipline the school has and the unity in terms of uniform and sports wear. It is neat and beautiful!

I feel you can not be non white and want to blame race for everything, stand your ground so they know you are aware what you are there for and they will respect you. To the white students at the school, please leave your negative mind sets at home. We are a new generation, and if you can't adjust, don't make it uncomfortable for the next person because we all pay the same fees therefore deserve the same treatment. To the non white students, stop playing victim and stand your ground. That is a good school and if you work hard, like any other school, they will help you become a better version of yourself

My skool

Student · September 9, 2020
Student · September 9, 2020
Ek is mal oor die skool die juffrouens gee baie om en is altyd daar

Reasons to why I gave 1 star.

Former Student · August 31, 2020
Former Student · August 31, 2020
The lady's at the receptionist is extremely rude, the teachers can be rude aswell and not helpful, if you don't feel well or feel sick it's always a no, so if you'd faint it's still a no.

We aren't allowed to bring scissors to schoolso we get cut and paste work for homework aswell as our other homework that's alot.

Our school is aswell far behind with their work than other's, and then at the end of the day we need to get alot of homework and alot of work in class because the school doesn't care about them having their school work for us in order.

The children are extremely rude at times and most don't have respect to other's, there is so many bullys that the school doesn't know of and if they do like the teachers they do nothing.

Most of the teacher's has favorites and that is unfair to alot of children.

The tuck shop guy(Oom kassie) is the best, I know I wasn't allowed to mention any personal but that man I appreciate alot, he is the nicest, funniest person of everyone in that school yard!

We not allowed to wear normal clothes once a month because some kids were disrespectful now we need to get punished for they doing.

On the tryouts for athletics they force you to do activities.

On sports tryouts, for example netball they aswell only pick favorites and pupils parents who pay the teachers to get the A team or first team.

Overall the school is not the best for some pupils.

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