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Feb 27, 2022

Not today

this is the school where Pieter de Wet and his friend gave the Nazi salute while holding the old South African flag... Sooo.... if you are into that, i suppose this is the school for you...
Conrad Prins
Jan 23, 2022

High school


This is the best school ever! They are outstanding in all of the fields they participate in, like Academics, Sports, Cultural Activities and many more. I recommend this school for any learner leaving primary school.
May 3, 2021

Happy times

Amazing school...anyone will be happy
Mar 19, 2021



I'm a grade 8 I really love my school it's really a great school I look forward to many more years to come #hoogietrots
Feb 7, 2021

It's called RESPECT!

This school is good, and yes like the other reviews said if you have money then you have a say in this school or if your good with sports or very smart, otherwise your just there Nd no one gives a ****.
Im a hocky player and my grades are good and can i say theres kids getting better treatment then me. Soo as much as it is about the money and sport its also about respect!
I never respected my teachers or friends in the first 2 years and thats why i got that treatment.

R E S P E C T!!!

ThiS school I will highly recommend but only if your child has respect otherwise its going to be a horrable highscool experience.
Dec 10, 2020

Being black is a crime

The school is basically racist white students have more previleges than black students and a variety of ill treatment towards the english students because of their skin colour
Former Student
Dec 5, 2020

Must Read !

This school claims to be an academic school but they are only driven by sports and put children forward if they have money, they should be accommodating for both English and Afrikaans students equally but the Afrikaans students are put at a priority as they have all the subject choices and the English students are limited in choosing subjects. I personally think it has to do with the fact that the English students are only Black and the school is restricting them from a full variety of subject choices. They have claimed there were not enough students that chose a subject thats why no one will be allowed to take it but then they can give a subject to the Afrikaans students when there’s only 4 students that took it. This school is pathetic, i would not recommend putting your children here especially if they are English.

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