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Review on : Hoërskool Fh Odendaal

March 29, 2020
March 29, 2020
Hoërskool Fh Odendaal is an wonderful school.My sister is currently in grade 10 and she is loving it.Before going to Fh in grade 7 she went to Silverton Primary she had received an invitation from the highschool she is currently attending.
We all went together to tour the school.It was beautiful.
When you look around there is no litter and the gardens are well tended for.There is even a pick up area for parents and the security at the front entrance of the school.Inside the school is quite big.There are a few rooms that they train the learners to read to the level their grades require.In my opinion it is wonderful to see that it has such a program.It does well academically with a pass rate of 99%.As I have previously mentioned it is very safe as the security is there until 16:00 and the school can guarantee the learners safety.The activities are one of the most exciting things in the school some of which activities include:

Netball;Softball;hockey;Rugby;Cricket;Debate;Revue and more
so there are a wide range of activities all year long that keep your child active.The teachers are quite strict but this is very understandable as they have to work with highschool children but they are very kind as well not to mention understanding dare I say funny too. They also do not tolerate bullying so it is very unlikely you will see bullying.There are also drug searches once in awhile and smoking and drug use are prohibited on the school grounds.It is a very diverse school and every child is treated fairly with the respect they deserve.

They are very involved in the growth of the children.Every Wednesday they invite guests such as priests to teach them both biblical and life lessons

To sum it all up Hoërskool Fh Odendaal is a wonderful school would 100% recommend

The Best u can ever have

Student · February 22, 2020
Student · February 22, 2020
It is school that allows you to study and have fun the same time. The teachers are very good and the way they discipline the learners is great

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