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Hillary Primary School

Student · June 3, 2020
Student · June 3, 2020
Hillary Primary School is an excellent School they are very hygienic and it is very safe . they have many rules though they always have many fun activities to. As a learner of Hillary Primary School for 7 years I would say that it is one of the best schools that I know academics are average though we take Sport very seriously. Hillary is is a top School and has always provided for their children. If any child was looking for school I would say Hillary Primary.

Hillary primary school

Student · June 3, 2020
Student · June 3, 2020
For 7 years of being a learner at hillary primary everything has been great all the teachers and learners are very welcoming. Our school is very hygienic and safe .

We have many rules in our school though the teachers always make it fun. we have many different and fun activities every year and our teachers are excellent at teaching.our school is always trying to do the best for its learners and that's why it is a very good school

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