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First year review

Student · December 15, 2020
Student · December 15, 2020
Bullying was intense, prefects also bullied me alot, which is to be expected, but they picked on me way more than any other kids. managing online school was ok, could've been better but obviously the teachers didnt know what was coming. discipline in class was really bad, the teachers nor the prefects didnt do much at all, personally the school system is outdated but the teachers are nice. making friends is easy, it takes a few weeks to fit in, but you'll be alright

Green machine

Former Student · May 24, 2020
Former Student · May 24, 2020
Great atmosphere and at first it may seem strict and harsh but once u fit in you a brother for life

My year at Glenwood

Former Student · May 8, 2020
Former Student · May 8, 2020
I was only there for one year but the memories i’ve made at Glenwood will stay with me forever. Some things like wearing a blazer to school everyday could change, I understand the day boys having to wear it as they go home but boarders shouldn’t really be wearing blazers. That’s just my opinion but all in all , no regrets
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Glenwood high school is the greatest!

Student · April 30, 2020
Student · April 30, 2020
It is a great school full of opportunities for everyone. With dozens of sports to try, for example, soccer, rugby, cricket, hockey,golf,etc. The school has world class coaches and truly inspirational teachers. It is wonderful to be a part of their community.
I highly recommend this school.

The Green Machine Review

Student · March 23, 2020
Student · March 23, 2020
Glenwood high school is a school for boys which enhances grooming,becoming a gentleman and academically ensuring that the boy is performing/achieving at the best of his ability. Since my arrival in 2016, all that I and the rest of the boys had been assured that within this historical school , we would be moulded into becoming better people and achievers. The Implementation of the cultural conduct of the school is observatory within the boys. Respect, humility,discipline are the major concepts that are initiated in the minds of the boys in line with their true selves. I'm currently in Grade 12 and I can wholeheartedly say that so far it has been a worthy and honourable experience to be part of the institution. I recommend Glenwood for any boy who is looking to grow in becoming a better person in all aspects and wanting to be at their prime at school level.

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