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It's the best school ever

Former Student · May 4, 2021
Former Student · May 4, 2021
Edendale Technical High school is the best school ever,with very hard working teachers who are always ready to help learners achieve their goals. I would recommend Edendale Tech to any parent who want their child to have the best education. Even during this pandemic teachers are trying by all means to make sure students are having good marks. Last year they had 3 students who were doing matric and they archived 7 A's which is a good thing. Edendale Technical High school is good for everyone.

Bad school for learners

February 4, 2021
February 4, 2021
The school needs online learning for students and they need to stop biting up children even on the pandemic they still do I has to stop and we need new rules about how to do our hair we must do whatever we want as long as it black extensions and the principal of the must live the school because he is abusive the smacks the teachers when he's upset and that is not right we deserve better we need a Female principal not Man!! And the school needs to be rebuild be better for the children to learn and they must have worker to clean the class's not the learners they are there to learn not to clean the school we are not your slaves and they must stop selling masks give us for free if you don't have it if that all is done the school will be so much better and the teacher must stop dating the learners that is wrong how can we focus on school knowing that the is a teacher that is approaching us ..

School Of Excellent Ever

Student · September 27, 2020
Student · September 27, 2020
Edendale Technical have been an School of Excellent since day one,I have been experiencing lot of knowledgeable ideas and educated more reasonably stuff.
(ETHS) has been Doing so much more than educating us as Pupils of the area of Excellent.As a School learner “I agree that it’s the best local School around the Pitermurtzburg”.The School have been helping through a lot of activities and also the teachers of the School are so Friendly more like,you feel yourself as you at Home with Your family trying to teach you more about reality.

Am Happy about my School,Edendale Technical is more than a place of excellent,It’s extremely extraordinary School Ever
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