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Former Student
Jan 22, 2021

Eben Donges High

Eben Donges has been quite the experience for the past 5 years. I attended Eben Donges since grade 8. Would not recommend at its current state.

Most teachers are great and really knows how to handle students but the rest don't seem to understand what they doing at all. However. The teachers are not the problem. Eben Donges students are the reason that the school has lost its high standing. The environment is so intoxicating. Eben Donges was once a great and proud school. It seems all that is left is the pride that the faculty tries to preserve.

This school has done a lot for me especially my matric teachers who pushed me places I didn't know I could reach.

If you want to send your child(ren) for a great learning experience I highly recommend Eben Donges however there is a large risk with its students.
May 21, 2020

Eben Dönges High school - EVER HIGHER.

Eben Dönges High School is a school with great potential. I've been a student at the school for four years and started in 2017. I love the school and invest in it to the best of my abilities. As I have mentioned, it has potential. That is to say, a few improvements here and there would make a great difference.

In the past Eben Dönges has been a great school with great teachers, students, resources and spirit, but somehow this has lessoned over the years. Teachers and coaches now have to beg students to participate in extracurricular activities, where in the past this wasn't the case as those who participated in the activities did their best and proved that they wanted to be be where they were and wanted to do what they were doing. However, times have changed now and so have some of our priorities.

Eben Dönges, though, is a high school which deserves more attention than it is being given. As a student here, I can attest that it is in fact a great school, and most parents that I've come across will agree with me as well. Although they can come across as strict, we have the best teachers who care about their students. This care will often be mistaken for annoyance by most students, but not for students such as myself. I know my teachers care about us and I see it in their actions. I'm a person who appreciates an adults perspective on certain issues that I need guidance in. I know that I can count on my teachers and their support.

Our students are a great bunch as well. I thought I would be intimated once I got to high school, but not once have I ever felt that way since I started at Eben Dönges. I felt like I belonged and no one ever made me feel otherwise. Of course, every school has their bad and good students, that's the norm. Good comes with bad

Personally, I love my school and I work hard to put it on the map. I believe the secret to the success of our school lies in each and every one of our us. If everyone would give their all and play their part, the glory of our dear Eben Dönges would be restored, if not improved. After all, our motto is "Ever Higher."
I've watched my fellow students and have seen the talent and light in a lot of them. The talent and potential at my school is mind blowing! It's just unfortunate how most of us are too timid to step outside our comfort zones. If there was one thing I could change about my school, it's that- the potential and gifts we have, but which we are too afraid to explore. I wish we'd all be courageous enough to step up and share ourselves- my wish for every school out there just like mine.

Eben Dönges High School. Excelsior. Ever Higher
Feb 25, 2020

Eben Dönges High School

Quality education at an affordable price.
Feb 25, 2020

Eben Dönges High School

Best School Ever you can't go wrong with ED it's so affordable. Teachers and fellow learners strive to do their best therefore we have an excellent pass rate.

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