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No. Just dont.

Student · November 23, 2020
Student · November 23, 2020
This place sucks. The teachers dont have a clue, the students have entitled attitudes and bad manners, and the principal only cares about those whos parents have positions in parliament.
Tatiana De Almeida

DFC changed my life.

Student · August 3, 2020
Student · August 3, 2020
To say that Dainfern College is a good school is an understatement. It is INCREDIBLE. When I joined Dainfern College in Gr. 7, I was extremely shy and not confident in myself. Dainfern has instilled so much confidence in me! I joined the leadership team in Grade 11 and it was the best decision of my life. I have learnt how to deal with different people, how to speak in public, and so many knew skills that has prepared me for the outside world. This school has literally changed my life, and the last few years have been the most incredible years of my life that I will never forget. The leadership program taught me hard work, perseverance and to always do your best in everything. I am forever grateful for the house system - I have the deepest passion for my house and everyone in it! It’s not a house, but a HOME. The pride and love that I have for this school cannot be put into words and is deeper than any ocean out here. Dainfern College, I am a completely different person because of you. You changed a shy, unconfident girl into a confident young lady that is ready to take over the world. I was a small girl, scared of the world - but not anymore. The growth I have experienced is genuinely shocking. I will forever dedicate my life to this school - whether it’s returning to watch events or being part of the Old Lions, I will be there!! You, Dainfern College, have changed my life. I do not know how to ever thank you for this - a feeling that cannot be described. Thank you, Dainfern College!

The Place that changed my life and many more

Student · April 4, 2020
Student · April 4, 2020
This school is amazing and it has changed me into the person that I am today and now.
Before I was at dainfern College, I was at another Private School where I wasn't doing really great academically and I didn't really like it there, it just wasn’t for me.
Until one day my parents decided to move to and around Dainfern and In the beginning trust me I felt weary about the school until when I entered the school on my first day, I knew this school was for me and that I had to go.
The Teachers who welcomed me were amazing, the best teachers that I could have ever dreamt for, they were kind, nice, willing and those teachers have made my life so much better by helping me push up my marks and to make me try my best at everything I did.
I also made a-lot of new friends on the first day when I walked through those doors and today I still have those friends and we are closer than ever.


Student · February 22, 2020
Student · February 22, 2020
It is an amazing school

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