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Michell  Maluleke

CBC Mount Edmund; Excellence is their specialty.

Student · April 29, 2020
Student · April 29, 2020
My experience with CBC Mount Edmund has been great so far. The teachers and students are very friendly. This is a Christian school, and they abide by the Christian values. There is no form of discrimination against students or teachers of other religions, and they are well respected. CBC is a multiracial school, and since I've started learning there, I haven't witnessed any form of racism or bullying. There's mutual respect for everyone in the school.
The school infrastructure is one of the best I've seen. It is of good quality and it gives the stories of many years the school has been in existence. It is on a big piece of land, and there are sports fields and courts made for the enjoyment of outdoor activities.
The school offers a variety of sporting activities like basketball, soccer, hockey, softball, swimming and more. There are also cultural activities provided such as public speaking, an art club, poetry club, chess, etc. In terms of academics, what I was most impressed with is that the teachers give extra lessons to any student in need, free of charge. Students are also given the opportunity to take extra subjects if they are capable of handling the pressure, and it is all out of choice.

The school is big on child security, and they care a lot about their students. They provide school psychologists as well, for any student who may be struggling in any way. The teachers and heads of the school are cooperative, respectful and understanding.
CBC has been around for almost 100 years, it has a great history and it seems to still be thriving. I recommend this school for any student who wants to go to school and still feel home, at peace. Any parent who wants their child to go to a place where they'll receive good nurturing, should definitely consider this school.

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