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Best school ❤

Former Student · August 5, 2020
Former Student · August 5, 2020
Attending at the school had been the best decision of my life,I had an awesome experience. Teachers are caring, they always make sure you have enough resources for your studies.
Princess  Mambambo

My school is the best

Student · March 30, 2020
Student · March 30, 2020
This school has one of the best teachers.It is known for its 100 percent pass rate ever since it started even though it has not obtained it for the past years.It has one of the well behaved students.It motivates their students to pass not only by 40 or 50 percent pass rate.It promotes diversity.It's the only school in Khayelitsha that teaches Information technology and all their students learn mathematics and all sciences. It has Saturday classes for struggling learners and has a one hour study period 2 days a week.It also the only school in Khayelitsha that has extra mural activities for its students and some of them are from people outside the school .For example we have a skipping rope champion who shares his knowledge and skills with learners.All learners who want to be students this school submit their reports and then write 2 tests and if the learner passes the test they are then accepted into the school, vise versa.This schoolis recognised and a research was conducted about it by the embassy and its been proved that its one of the best school.This school is strict.I have had an extra ordinary experience at Cosat. I don't have the words to explain it.I never enjoyed going to school but ever since I started at this school I feel sad on a Saturday after our classes and cannot wait for Monday.What I like about my school we finish the term work early we the start the following terms work.This is because we start learning on the first day of school.I feel previlidged to be a learner at this school.

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50 Sinqolamthi St Village 1 South, 7784, Cape Town

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