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Racism and unsafe of first year students

Student 路 October 29, 2020
Student 路 October 29, 2020
I'm actually a first year at cape peninsula university in Wellington campus.wellington is very racist u can leave there a whole month without an accommodation and food if u are a black person while whites and coloured are provided accommodation immediately. They don't treat blacks and whites people equally.they give whites special attention.blacks lived in the toilets almost a whole months without food. Institution Saying they don't have enough accommodation but when we were about to receive nsfas they gave us accommodation.i really hate everything in Wellington including res managers and vice chancellor .that school need to be fixed it is very racist.they don't care about black student what they care about is money of students.

my view on CPUT

Student 路 September 6, 2020
Student 路 September 6, 2020
CPUT is a Very pooor bad university with arrogant management who deals with student leaders at each and every angle, the university is still subjected to class. It says it has ubuntu , its lying 馃ぅ . They even have corruption. They were even reported to the parliament Education portfolio.

It doesn't care about poor students

I wouldn鈥檛 recommend someone to study here, to suffer like i do

Poor sercive delivery at CPUT

Student 路 April 9, 2020
Student 路 April 9, 2020
CPUT Is poor in assistance, it give student expecially first years hard time run errands. Begining from the time of applications .When doing manual applications,you are told to go to every builing in the campus Building after building only to find out that you won't be assisted. Even that receptionists the aren't helpful they take advantage of the fact that new student don't know anything about varsity thus treating them like stupid student, forgeting that they're the ones who really need assistance. Beside that ,service rendering by the University is very poor because for now i stand her on the 09 of April, only attended Two weeks on Classes after then the was strike due to poor service delivery. The complaints that students have are reasonable, such as failure to alocate shattles at specific areas where they are required. Even the Wi-Fi/internet most of the times gives student trouble to connect to the Internet thus slowing the progress of student in accessing the internet . All in all CPUT has poor service delivery.

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