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Mar 19, 2024

Best chance in life

This school always strives to give its learners the best chance in life. They are always open to trying new things, as long as it is in the best interest of the learner. Kudos to you BHS.
Jun 1, 2023

Thank you

Love the school. Life is hard. Choose your hard. If it is hard to do the right thing, you will find things hard. But if you work hard, the hard evidence will be visible and you will bare the fruit.
Thank you Brackenfell High School, for creating a safe haven for our children.
Apr 15, 2021

The school is down bad.

It's the racism between learner's, educators and staff for me chile. They teach us, English learners in Afrikaans, all announcements are always in Afrikaans, when the market the school, it looks as if it there are no people of colour but just white people(I say this in the most non disrespecting way). I'd you don't do hockey or rugby, you're not noticed or acknowledged. The principal really does not listen to any of the learner's concerns about what's going on in school. It's just not a happy or healthy environment. That place is just emotionally draining.
Apr 2, 2021

Transgender medical suport needs help

Transgender awareness!!!!!

This school is so strict like i can't
They dont even have a transgender medical suport system
Jan 4, 2021

Altio Spero❤

There are some ups and some downs in this school. Racism is an issue amongst ALL of the students. whites, blacks and coloreds, Brackenfell does try to be a good school and prevent racism but not always. For every amazing teacher theres an equally awful teacher, the teachers will help you if they see you need help but if you dont ask you wont get. The coaches are always looking for new players in ALL the sports. Brackenfell is a school you should go to if you want to have fum while learning where you want your life to go. I cant say ive had the best experience in the school but thats not the schools fault. In all honesty I'm happy that I chose Brackenfell and not another school. Even though the teachers always take my entjies they still care about us and will try to help but again, everything depends on the reputation you make for yourself.
Former Student
Dec 21, 2020

Once a brakkie, always a brakkie.

I matriculated in 2019 and can honestly say that I loved my 5 year experience in BHS. The teachers were amazing, they pushed us to reach new heights academically and in any sport we wanted to pursue. The school treats everyone equal and sets a loving enviroment for everyone. If you want your child to enjoy his/ her last 5 years in school, BHS is the way to go. English or Afrikaans, they cover it all.
Dec 20, 2020

Thoughts of the school after 2 years.

This school mostly focuses on people who are the best in academics and sports. And yet when It comes to sports the school mostly supports Rugby and hockey. Which I find unfair cause we a have lots of other sports as well that they don't pay attention to. I've seen how white kids get away with racist comments and teachers walk past them after hearing it. And they choose to ignore it... Not all teachers are helpful and most of them are just completely rude. Intact I remember that one of the teacher's gave their class the wrong things to learn for the exams and their way of apologize for them failing is by giving each of them a small piece of chocolate.
Dec 13, 2020

Do not send your child here

This is a racist School. And no one should send their child here .This school allows believe behaviour. because the school I've become the most depressed I've ever been. don't send your child here. Just don't I wouldn't wish it on anyone not even my worst enemy.
Dec 10, 2020

Brackenfell high

I am a learner of this school and I enjoy every moment at Brackenfell High but in class from 10-12 grades. All the classes that are subjects are mixed English and Afrikaans and they treat the English learners like they aren't in the class and its gets harder to do well if you don't understand what they are teaching you.
Nov 6, 2020

Racist school

Straight up racist school staff!
Former Student
Aug 9, 2020

Tries their best

The school is strict on neatness which a lot of my peers hated(mainly students that were lazy and had no manners) but I thought it was good. I do however I think a lot of attention is shown towards the high achievers. You could be the most caring and 'go the extra mile' student but still won't be recognized. I never had any bad experiences only being that they would rank student from high to low achieving according to classes i.e: e1 (high achieving) to e4(low achieving).. I was in an e4 class. Other than that I had school counseling when I was going through a rough time which was very helpful. If you aren't disruptive and respect your teachers you shouldn't have a problem with any of them.
Jun 19, 2020

Proud to be a Brakkie !

I'm a learner at this school and wouldn't go to any other. They do not discrimanate, teach in both languages and are strict on discipline. You can be yourself and reach your best in sports and academics. Teachers are always helpful. This is definately the school in the community for the community. Will always be a proud Brakkie !
Jun 10, 2020

School is horrible to their learners

If you want your child to have a mental illness send your child here. The school CARES only about money And it appearance to the public. Learners and learners issues are pointless coz they don't care and never will. Honestly the worst school
Former Student
May 28, 2020

Send your child here at own risk.

This is a good school... if you are a white afrikaans person. The school cares way too much about neatness. Teachers will teach in Afrikaans for 95% of a period. Only very few of the teachers are ACTUALLY english, so the quality of the english is poor. Management puts alot of unnecessary pressure on the teachers which clearly shows and which makes the teachers seem unfair.
The school barely listens to the opinions of the students, and there are only 1 or 2 non-white teachers. Students get in trouble for unnecessary things. The school kicks students out after school because "we dont care about you guys, we only care about the principle not getting in trouble" - A direct quote from someone working at the school.
May 28, 2020

Everything wrong about Brackenfell HS.

The school is a decent one in terms of the facilities, the education system itself is as good as its allowed to be.

But there has always been subtle discrimination against certain individuals (mainly pocs) as well as profiling. There is also classism in the school, for example the A1,2,&3 and E1 classes will be treated with special treatment as though they are a superior option.

The school also has rules about neatness that make no sense at all, they make it as though a child's dress code or hairstyle will stop them from learning.

The sports (especially rugby) will often be over sponsored, while the creative departments struggle to get updated textbooks, or even textbooks at all.

It is said that the governing body controls everything about the school, therefore learners cannot freely express their grievances without looking like mere children.
May 22, 2020

Brackenfell high school

Hair rules are way too strict, most teachers are kind and reasonable yet they will only teach in one language and tell the learners to ask them to translate which they sometimes even complain when you do ask, the school puts a lot of pressure on the teachers and it's noticeable, outside environment is reasonable, indoor environment is also reasonable, some staff seem overworked, punishment for minor things rather than more offensive things.
May 21, 2020

Brackenfell High, might be the school for you.

I have a love/hate relationship with this school. This school discriminates against POC, mainly black. We aren’t allowed to wear our Afros, or have dreads. We aren’t allowed to have certain braids or wear clips in our hair. There are white students with purple and red hair that don’t get harassed or get told that they cannot attend certain activities because of their hair. This school handles bullying and racism in unserious ways. This school doesn’t really care about the minority UNLESS you play sports. If you want to go to this school, make sure you’re rich, white and do sports. Academics is good. The teachers aren’t too bad either.
Former Student
Apr 22, 2020

Altyd n Brakkie

I came into the school not knowing anyone but very quickly felt comfortable and welcome. Throughout my five years there I had a handful of incredible teachers that had such a great impact on my life and career choice. Great sports programs and great outreach programs. The school made it enjoyable with events like 40 days , inter house and cool assemblies with special guests. I am not a science graduate and I can definitely say that my high school helped me get there academically and with emotional support from my teachers. The school has a great spirit of pride and to this day I still wear my blazer with pride when going to the rugby games.
11 Michele Cres Arauna, 7560, Cape Town

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