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Mar 22, 2024


Former Student
Oct 31, 2022

Don't apply to this school

Don't go to this school.

They think parents and children owe them something.

I got physically hit by a teacher there a few years ago, that same teacher still works there.

Racism is a problem.

Education is bad.

One of the worst schools in the cape
Oct 20, 2022

No words can describe the anger a disappointment I feel as a parent

I am a parent of two learners at Bastion Primary School and have had a bad experience with certain teachers, and the reception which all have terrible attitudes. This is a place of learning and our children spend most of there year at the school. My daughter has been called a prostitute because she has more guy friends than girls. My son has been picked on and it's first year in Grade 1. I am disgusted at their attitudes and the principal will hear nothing about his educators. We are paying their salaries, but it's as if we owe them something. And yes, racism gets swept under the carpet at this school.
Former Student
Feb 21, 2021

Kak school

Too many blacks they are everywhere and when I was in this school a couple of years ago they would hit me and when I hit them back I was expelled but they had some of the best teachers I'd recommend the teachers but not the school
Lolite Lawrence
Nov 4, 2020

Bastion : Brilliance, Respect & Excellence

Bastion Primary is not only an excellent school in terms of academics and sport but they also have brilliant loving and compassionate teachers who always walk the extra mile.

They are a school who can pride themselves in teaching their learners good manners, social skills and that to respect each other is not an option it is their way of life!

At Bastion they really enter to learn and when they leave they are ready to serve!

Proud Mommy of Leilah Lawrence Grade 4S 2020
Former Student
Sep 12, 2020

Great School

Amazing school, good Christian morals, and the best teachers and coaches. School facilities are clean and the school conveniently located in Brackenfell.
Aug 28, 2020

Best Primary School ever

Best Primary school ever - great morals & christian standards
Jul 9, 2020

Uhhhh...bastion sweeps racism under the rug

Racism is swept under the rug at this school. Teachers always try and ignore racism or come up with an excuse. I got called the K word and the teachers only called the kids mom and then said that they'll deal with him. He should've been suspended or given a harsher punishment. My friend was playing soccer with a afrikaans boy and the boy called him a slur. He told a teacher but then the teacher was like:"he probably said that cuz ur a good soccer player". Like wtf does that have to do with anything. There are more things that they sweep under the rug or just blatantly ignore
9 Riana St Protea Hoogte, 7560, Cape Town

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