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Experience at Alexander Road high

Student · January 13, 2021
Student · January 13, 2021
When I was in grade 8 I was quite nervous and overwhelmed by being in a new environment, but over the time, I made new friends and knew a lot of people at Alex, Alex is a very great school with friendly people and staff with a great education and facilities

ALtogether Experience

Former Student · April 21, 2020
Former Student · April 21, 2020
This is a school that makes you feel included from the get go!

I was a late comer, arriving only in GR 11. I was immediately made to feel included and was able to keep my education journey going a flourish.

The staff are learner focused and do the best to help their learners succeed to the best of the ability!

It is truly a ALtogether EXperience!
Jason Raven

Alexander Road High School

Former Student · April 2, 2020
Former Student · April 2, 2020
I really enjoyed my time at Alexander Road High School as a proud student. At Alexander Road, I made lifelong friends and grew into the person I am today. The teachers are always ready to help and the facilities are great!

To parents: The transition between primary and high school can be a tough one, but at Alex, they guide you well and make it an easy and enjoyable experience.
Send your child to Alex! You will not be disappointed and the school will have a special place in your heart even long after you've left!

Alex, an exceptional high school.

Former Student · March 15, 2020
Former Student · March 15, 2020
An excellent environment for high school students to develop themselves into young adults while still doing well in their academics, and a very warm and welcoming atmosphere especially for grade 8 pupils entering the high school and makes it so easy for them to adjust from primary school to high school. As a former student at Alex, I can definitely call the school my home. It is a place where I felt I could always be myself, a place where every student was accepted for being themselves, and where we were all encouraged to respect our peers. This high instills exceptional values into their students, and even today I can say that the teachers molded me into who I am. It’s zero tolerance to bullying policy is one that is absolutely necessary in a high school, to prevent any bullying incidents and to make the students feel safe. There is a box where students can write to the headmaster and every issue is addressed and sorted out accordingly. An excellent academic facility, I will always recommend Alex to any parent looking to put their children into a high school where they are protected at all times.

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