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Brothers, family.

August 24, 2020
August 24, 2020
Absolutely amazing, this school turns a boy into a man. There is not better place for your son, good characteristics cant be taught in a week or a month but years, that iz something oy Affies can give you.
James Odendaal

Affies - My school, My family

Student · April 13, 2020
Student · April 13, 2020
From the moment you enter the red brick building a sense of pride rushes through your veins. Walking through the front door you are greeted by big brown cupboards packed to the brim with trophies and memorabilia .Decades worth of pictures on the wall tell a story of a school intrinsically steeped in tradition and culture. This is not mere bragging rights but a narrative of a close knit family that proudly carries the school’s name on their chest. Affies brings academics, sport and culture into a perfect balance and it’s a melting pot of gifts and talents. From top class teachers, state of the art facilities, renowned sports academy to an award winning choir, Affies builds a leader into every young student. At Affies every spark is fanned into a flame for their motto to stand true - “Laat Daar Lig Wees”.

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Unknown, 0007, Pretoria

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