Here’s what some of our customers say

SchoolParrot has many satisfied customers

Malmo Borgar School

Malmo Borgar School chose SchoolParrot because they stand for a professional approach and high ambitions. They deliver a service based on individuals' personal experiences in an appealing digital environment. With increased competition, personal experience and the story becoming increasingly important. Their platform shows what a school stands for today and yesterday, which gives future students an opportunity to get a good and credible image when they choose a school. We hope for a long and good collaboration with SchoolParrot
Martin Roth - Principal

Grit Academy

SchoolParrot is a serious player with good support for working with reviews. We see it as an important part of our work to be more transparent in order to give a clear image of our school
Eric Badeur, Admission Manager

Birka Folk School

We chose to join SchoolParrot because we see that reviews from customers play an important role in other industries and we believe that this will be good for the school environment. Working with reviews makes us as a school more transparent. At SchoolParrot, our students get the opportunity to describe their experience through their own words, which also becomes a credible way for us to be seen, as our target group speaks directly to our target group.
Katarina Bäck, Communication Manager

Liljeholmens Folk School

Choosing education is a big step for any student. In order to make well thought choice, we believe it is important to both take part in the school's information of the courses and get to read what other participants think about the different courses. That is why we have chosen to use SchoolParrot.
Johannes Stenberg, Marketing Manager

Consensum High school

Consensum Gymnasium chose to join the SchoolParrot because we believe in being seen through reviews. In other industries, you work a lot with reviews, which is an easy way to form an opinion about a product from the user's perspective. In the school industry, we now have the opportunity to use a tool that is credible and objective. We have requested a platform where we can convey our students' views of the school and we think that SchoolParrot can handle that with great trust.
Charlotte Malik Strååt, Principal

Urfjälls Montessori Preschool

We at Urfjäll's Montessori preschool and school have high ambitions. We want to give our students the best and safest foundation for a life of continuous learning. Our children should begin the next step in life with good self-esteem, consideration for others, curiosity and a great appetite for learning. We then have good help from internal and external reviews and see SchoolParrot as an important and natural part of it. Reviews are a gift!
Irene Seth, Board Director