Questions and answers

Our most common questions. If you do not find any answer to your question please Contact us
  • What is SchoolParrot?
    SchoolParrot is a review platform for schools. Schools can if they want handle their school through our school dashboard, if they create an account. Many helpful tools to become successful with reviews online.
  • Why should my organization use SchoolParrot?
    To show what your students think about your school. SchoolParrot has many visitors and people are searching for information about what others say about a school. Your school can actively invite and gain more reviews and control the entire review flow of your school.
  • Can I delete reviews?
    SchoolParrot does not actively delete published reviews. A review goes through our validation process and is approved by our team. If you find a review with bad content contact SchoolParrot and we can review the content again.
  • Can I edit my school's information?
    Yes, everything is editable in the dashboard as long as you have an account. Create an account and we can walk you through how the platform works.
  • SchoolParrot has wrong information
    We can have the wrong information such as address, phone or even more. This is because we collect information across the internet for our database. Sometimes the information we get can be wrong. But do not worry, it is an easy fix. Contact us and we can edit your school information.
  • Does SchoolParrot cost anything?
    SchoolParrot is free! You can start using it right away. If using our Premium version it cost from 49 US/month to 149 US/month depending on school type.
  • Can our school answer reviews?
    Yes, your school can answer reviews through the school dashboard at SchoolParrot. It will say: “Answer from school”
  • Who has written the reviews at our school?
    All users and reviewers are registered at SchoolParrot. We go through each review coming in. Is it trustworthy, users and the user itself. All reviews are approved manually by our team which means we read them first. To have more control over who is reviewing, please use our invitation functionality.
  • How can I get more reviews?
    In our school dashboard we have a review invitation tool. Where you can invite students, parents and staff and organize your reviewers. If the school is using this tool you also get validated reviews marks on the reviews. These reviews will have higher trust towards the end user.
  • Why does my Google search results gain more traction?
    The easy answer is; the more reviews the more content and visability your school gets in Google search results. Each review is unique content that will get hits when different searches are being made. You will rate higher in both your area and in i general search words. The more reviews, the better.